Azeltech s.r.l. - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'Elettonica - Michele Zullo

Is a contract electronics manufacturer specialized in board Prototyping and small batches of high complexity boards

Assembly, Contract Manufacturer, OEM, Subcontractor

Here you will find complete solutions for the assembly of electronic equipment, electronic boards and wiring, able to fully support the production needs from the prototype phase up to mass production.

A rapid prototyping service is offered, aimed at reducing production complications, high quality products in order to accelerate the "time to market".

The activity can be carried out in one's own laboratory, supplied with the materials in the workplace, or connected to the customer's premises, supporting the company personnel: the many years of experience in the electronics and high technology sector at the service of the own clientele.

Working closely with you, we are able to guarantee your quality standards, assembling the product efficiently and effectively.

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