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Cambia Automation Limited

Cambia Automation supplies PLC & DCS products: Allen Bradley, Honeywell, Bently Nevada, ABB, General Electric, ICS TRIPLEX, Triconex, and many more...

xiamen, China

Component Packaging, Component Preparation, Components/Substrates, Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker

  • Phone +86 13599507613

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About   us

Cambia Automation Limited.We are your reliable partner in the international market of the best price PLC DCS TSI products.

Our advantages are our large quantity of inventory, flexibility and reliability which have been built during the last thirteen years.

Website: www.cambiaplc.com

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Manager: Trixie

Cell: +86 135 99507613 | Email:sales@cambia.cn

Skype: +86 135 99507613 | Whatsapp: +86 13599507613

Main   Product

PLC : Allen Bradley, GE FANUC , Schneider

DCS : ABB , Siemens MOORE , Foxboro , Westinghouse , YOKOGAWA

ESD : Triconex , HIMA , Bently Nevada , ICS Triplex

Excitation cards : ABB , GE Marke

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