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Cambia Automation supplies PLC & DCS products: Allen Bradley, Honeywell, Bently Nevada, ABB, General Electric, ICS TRIPLEX, Triconex, and many more...

xiamen, China

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Foxboro P0903CW | Invensys Foxboro

Foxboro P0903CW


Each FBM201/b/c/d Analog Input Module contains eight analog input channels, each channel accepting a 2-wire, dc input from an analog sensor such as a 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 5V transmitter, or a self-powered 20 mA source. The modules perform the signal conversion required to interface the electrical input signals from the field sensors to the optionally redundant fieldbus.

Eight channels for input of analog sensor signals:

0 to 20 mA dc – FBM201

0 to 100 mV dc – FBM201b

0 to 5 V dc – FBM201c

0 to 10 V dc – FBM201d


Avaolability  In Stock

Condition  Brand New

Warranty  12 Months

Part Numbers

FBM201 P0914SQ

FBM201b P0922YH

FBM201c P0922YJ

FBM201d P0922YK




Allen-Bradley ( 1746-IB32, 1747-L533,  1756-L61, 1769-OF4, 1785-L40B )

Bently Nevada ( 3500/94, 3500/53, 3500/22M, 3500/42M, 330180-90-00 )

Honeywell ( TK-PRS021, CC-TCNT01, 8C-PAIH51, 51309355-001, 10006/2/1 )

ABB ( 07KT97 , AI835, CI854AK01, DSQC639, DO810, PM861AK01, SNAT603 )

Triconex ( 3625, 3503E, 3008, TCM 4353, 4351B, 4409)

ICS Triplex ( T8310, T8431, T8461, T8451, T8110B, T8403, T3481)


GE-Fanuc , Siemens Moore , Bachmann , Foxboro , Woodward , Epro , Ovation , Kuka , Yokogawa , Prosoft , Schneider, Hima , MKS , Keba , Omron , Yaskawa .


F7126 FBM239  P0927AG PTAI216 F7133 FCM100Et
F7105A PAC2500  2500E 4LOOPUW PBUSDPV1 AIO288 F4204 FBM201
F6214 FBM231 CNT204/H F4111A FEM100 P0973CA
F3221 FBM204   P0914SY MX213 F1101 FCP270 P0917YZ
F7553 FBM206 BS206 F3423 FBM203 P0914SV
F7130A FBM219   P0916RH RS204 F3417A P0931RQ
K9203 FBM203 FS211/N F3113A FBM237 P0914XS
F3237 FBM239 P0927AG DIO264 F2201 P0931RM
F3331 FBM206 P0916CQ DIO248 H7506 FBM218
K9202 FBM224  P0926GG CM202 Z7116 P0917MF
F8621A PF3S-PSA1 MC205 Z7126 FBM233 P0926GX
F8628X AI2 2500M/AI2/XXXXX/XXXXXX  DIO232 Z7127 P0916CC
F8650E PF3S-BP13 SEM201 Z7138 FBM241c P0914WM
F8650 AD916AG CNT204 F3330 P0903CW
F3334 AD916AE BS207 F8641 FBM202 P0914ST
Z7128 BO123HE DIO32-C F7130 FBM214b P0927AH
K9202B AD908AC BS205    BIO413 BIO413/00 F3236 FBMSVH
DSQC363 P0914XB BS204    BIO246  BIO246/00 K9203A FBM215 P0922VU
DSQC373 AD908AA BS206    BIO420 BIO420/00 F7131 NCNI P0972PP
DSQC378B 3HNE00421-1 FBM214 OT115/R F6705 P0903CV
DSQC406 FBM202 ACR222/2 F6217 CP60 P0961FR
DSQC500 3HAC3616-1 CP40B P0972VA  ATS F3322 P0922AE 

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