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Honeywell 51309204-175 FTA,

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Cambia Automation Limited

Cambia Automation supplies PLC & DCS products: Allen Bradley, Honeywell, Bently Nevada, ABB, General Electric, ICS TRIPLEX, Triconex, and many more...

xiamen, China

Component Packaging, Component Preparation, Components/Substrates, Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker

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Honeywell 51309204-175 FTA, Description:

51309204-175 FTA,

51309204-175 FTA,

51309204-175 FTA,


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Sales Manager: Trixie

Skype&Whats-app: 86-13599507613


Honeywell 51309204-175 FTA,

Honeywell 51309204-175 FTA,

Honeywell 51309204-175 FTA,

CC-TDIL01 | Honeywell C300 TDC3000

CC-TDIL01 51308386-175




1)        CC-TDIL01

2)       Honeywell CC-TDIL01 51308386-175

3)       C300

4)       CC-TDIL01 Controller Module

5)       New Units

6)       USA



Packing: Brand new and original in box

Delivery: 1-2 days against the payment

Availability: In stock

Payment: Telegram transfer

[Please do not worry, we are honest supplier.]

[If you need, please call us : 86 135 9950 7613]



C300 s

CC-TDOB11 51308373-175   CC-TAON11 51306521-175

CC-TDIL01 51308386-175   CC-TAIX01 51308363-175



More Products

Well-known brands:

Bently Nevada, ABB,

GE Fanuc , Rockwell,

Foxboro, Invensys Triconex, Schneider Westinghouse Ovation




Bosch Rexroth

Rosemount,and so on.






Hot Selling

1756-BATA CC-TDOB01 51308371-175 PR6423/000-031 FX-340 T9802
1756-CN2 CC-TAOX11 51308353-175 PR6423/000-131-CN CON031 FX-490 T9832
1756-CN2R CCPAON01 51410070-175 PR6423/002-000 CON021 JP 83023463  3A99266G01 T9852
1756-CN2R/B CC-IP0101 SC510 3BSE003832R1 KJ1501X1-BB1 12P0678X032 T8403
1756-CNB 51403519-160 SC520 3BSE003816R1 KJ2101X1-BA 12P2690X012 T8431
1756-CNB/E 51403988-150 IC200CHS002 KJ2231X1-EA1 T8451
MC-GAIH84 FBM207c IC200CHS002F KJ3001X1-BA1 1290549X152 T8461
MU-TDPR01 FCM100ET P0926GS IC200CHS022 KJ3001X1-BA1 129P549X152 T8461C
10001/R/1 P0961BS-OC IC200CPU002 KJ3001X1-BA1 12P0549X112 T8480
10002/1/2 P0972VA IC200CPUE05 KJ3001X1-BB1 12P0550X142 PP826 3BSE042244R1
128240-01 FBM239  P0927AG IC200GBI001 EM203 PP835A
128229-01 CNT204 IC200MDD843 DIO280 PP846A 3BSE042238R2
127610-01 3500/15 BS207 BIO459 BIO459/01 IC200MDL740 3500/60-02-01 PST85-600-70
126648-02 DIO32-C MC-TDIY22 3500/60-02-02 PU513V2  3BSE013034R1
135489-01   3500/25-01-01-00 MC-TDOY22 3500/60-03-00 PU514
135489-02 3500/25-01-01-01 MC-TSIM12 3500/60-03-01 PU515 3BSE013063R1
135489-03  3500/25-01-01-02 MU-FOED02 3500/60-03-02 PU515A 3BSE032401R1

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