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Cambia Automation Limited

Cambia Automation supplies PLC & DCS products: Allen Bradley, Honeywell, Bently Nevada, ABB, General Electric, ICS TRIPLEX, Triconex, and many more...

xiamen, China

Component Packaging, Component Preparation, Components / Substrates, Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker

  • Phone +86 13599507613

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Cambia Automation Limited is a trade company in China. Main business have Bently Nevada , Honeywell , ABB , Allen Bradley , GE Fanuc , Triconex , Siemens ,etc.

We have thoughful customer service, can help you to expand your business market.


About Allen-Bradley

Founded: 1903, United States

Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Predecessor: Compression Rheostat Company

Founder: Linde Bradley, Dr. Stanton Allen

General organization: Rockwell automation


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Packing: Brand new and original in box

Lead time: 2-3 days against the payment

Terms of paymentTelegram transfer

Warranty: 1 year

Minimum order: 1


Feel free to contact

Manager: Cherish

Email: sales6@cambia.cn

Mobile: +86 13599507613


Superior product

☆ Allen-Bradley(USA AB)Series
☆ Schneider(Schneider Electric)Series
☆ General electric(General Electric)Series
☆ Westinghouse Series
☆ SIEMENS Series
☆ ABB Robots. FANUC RobotsYASKAWA RobotsKUKA RobotsMitsubishi RobotsOTC RobotsPanasonic RobotsMOTOMAN Robots
☆ Westinghouse OVATION SystemWDPF SystemMAX1000 system spare part
ConversionI/O Signal processingData communication systems Digital-to-Analogue 

☆ Invensys Foxboro I/A Series system FBMI/OSCSTrapezoidal logic controlAccident recallingDAC
Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control systemMost modern fault-tolerant controller based on Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) architecture. 

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DSQC236G DS3820PS7A1B1C 5X00058G01
DSQC236T DS3820PSFF1A1A 5X00059G01
DSQC239 DS6800CCID1D1D 5X00070G04
DSQC325 DS6800CCID1D1D/DS6815PCDP1B1A 5X00105G14
DSQC328A 3HAC17970-1 F31X134EPRBEG1 5X00106G01
DSQC328A 3HAC17970-1/05 F31X134EPRBEG1 FR00/0 5X00109G01
DSQC332 F31X134EPRBHG1 5X00109G02
DSQC334    3HAB5845-1 F31X139APMALG2 5X00119G01
DSQC335 F31X139APMALG2FR00 5X00121G01
DSQC345B F31X139APMALG2FR01 5X00167G01
DSQC346G HE693IBS100 5X00226G02
DSQC346G 3HAB8101-8 HE693PBM101 5X00241G02
DSQC346G 3HAB8101-8/08F HE693PBS105 5X00270G01
DSQC354 HEC-GV3-DNG 5X00273G01
DSQC355 IC200ALG230 5X00300G01
DSQC363 IC200ALG264 5X00419G01
DSQC373 IC200ALG322 5X00419G02
DSQC378B 3HNE00421-1 IC200ALG620 5X00489G01
DSQC406 IC200ALG630 7379A21G01
DSQC500 3HAC3616-1 IC200CHS002 7379A21G02
DSQC500 3HAC3626-1 IC200CHS002F IC31224G01
DSQC503 IC200CHS022 5X00481G01
DSQC532B IC200CPU002 1756-L55M12

​I hope we can have an opportunity to cooperate !

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