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Available! Original New Yokogawa AEP9D Supply

Available! Original New Yokogawa AEP9D Supply

Available! Original New Yokogawa AEP9D Supply


Available! Original New Yokogawa AEP9D Supply


Industrial Automation

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Cambia Automation Limited

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Cambia Automation Limited

Cambia Automation supplies PLC & DCS products: Allen Bradley, Honeywell, Bently Nevada, ABB, General Electric, ICS TRIPLEX, Triconex, and many more...

xiamen, China

Component Packaging, Component Preparation, Components / Substrates, Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker

  • Phone +86 13599507613

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Available! Original New Yokogawa AEP9D Supply Description:

Welcome to us for a QUOTE. (Unik) +86 18030205725 (skype/ whatapp/ wechat)


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                Quick Details


² In stock

² MOQ 1 Pcs

² 100% new factory sealed

² Warranty: 12 months

² All the goods will be tested before shipment

² Payment: T/T

² Shipped within 1-2 days after payment

² Shipment: DHL UPS FedEx, etc (Packed in brand new and original box)



                     About Us


Cambia Automation Limited was established in year 2006.

We are specialized in various types of module, boards, cards, processor, from basic to anti-corrosion, sensors from economy to high precision type, including Allen-Bradley, Honeywell, ABB, Bently Nevada, Triconex, GE-Fanuc, Siemens and so on.

We have been supporting many local and overseas factory automation industries for 13 years.



        Contact Us


Any inquiry about PLC & DCS products, welcome to contact us.


² Manager: Unik You

² Email:

² Cell: +86 18030205725 (Skype, whatsapp, wechat)


3500/93-06-05-02-00 6ES5242-5AA13 IS200EISBH1A IS200EISBH1A PW482-10 S2 07KT98 
3500/93-07-00-02-00 6ES5242-5AA21 IS200EPCTG1A IS200EPCTG1A CP451-10 S2 07KT98 GJR5253100R0160
3500/93-07-01-02-00 6ES5243-1AA11 IS200EPDMG1B IS200EPDMG1B ADV551-P03 S2 07KT98 GJR5253100R0278
3500/93-07-02-02-00 6ES5243-1AA12 IS200EROCH1A IS200EROCH1A AAI543-H00 S1 07KT98 WT98 GJR5253100R0120
3500/93-07-03-02-00 6ES5243-1AA13 IS200ESELH1A IS200ESELH1A AFV10D S2 07KT98 WT98 GJR5253100R0270
3500/93-07-04-02-00 6ES5243-1AB11 IS200EXAMG1A IS200EXAMG1A AMM32J S1 07KT98 WT98 GJR5253100R0278
3500/93-07-05-02-00 6ES5243-1AB12 IS200EXHSG4A IS200EXHSG4A AMM22 S3 07KT98(WT98)
3500/93-08-00-02-00 6ES5243-1AC11 IS200TBACIH1B IS200TBACIH1B ADM51-2 S4 07KT98G GJR5253100R0120
3500/93-08-01-02-00 6ES5243-1AC12 IS200TBAIH1C IS200TBAIH1C ADM12 S4 07MK92
3500/93-08-02-02-00 6ES5243-1BA11 IS200TGENH1A IS200TGENH1A NP53*A 07MK92 GATS110098R0161
3500/93-08-03-02-00 6ES5244-3AA11 IS200TPROH1B IS200TPROH1B AAI543-S00 S1 07MK92 GJR5253300R1161
3500/93-08-04-02-00 6ES5244-3AA12 IS200TREGH1B IS200TREGH1B AAP135-S00 S2 07MK92 GJR5253300R3161
3500/93-08-05-02-00 6ES5244-3AA13 IS200TRLYH1B IS200TRLYH1B AAR181-S00 S2 07NG61R1
3500/93-01-00-03-00 6ES5244-3AA21 IS200TRPGH2B IS200TRPGH2B ER5*B 07PS62R2
3500/93-01-01-03-00 6ES5244-3AA22 IS200TSVOH1B IS200TSVOH1B EP3*A 07SK90R1

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