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One of the technology fields on which Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. focuses is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory takes charge of research and development of AI-related technologies. The laboratory is working on various projects that aim to develop AI that is trusted by people and progresses society and it has developed world first state-of-the art technologies one after the other. What breakthroughs will be made in the development of artificial intelligence by these technologies? We interviewed three researchers from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory about the potential and technical features of the technologies.

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A New Line Balancing Method Considering Robot Count and Operational Costs in Electronics Assembly

May 02, 2019 | Ryo Murakami, Sachio Kobayashi, Hiroki Kobayashi, Junji Tomita

Automating electronics assembly is complex because many devices are not manufactured on a scale that justifies the cost of setting up robotic systems, which need frequent readjustments as models change. Moreover, robots are only appropriate for a limited part of assembly because small, intricate devices are particularly difficult for them to assemble. Therefore, assembly line designers must minimize operational and readjustment costs by determining the optimal assignment of tasks and resources for workstations. Several research studies address task assignment issues, most of them dealing with robot costs as fixed amount, ignoring operational costs. In real factories, the cost of human resources is constant, whereas robot costs increase with uptime. Thus, human workload must be as large and robot workload as small as possible for the given number of humans and robots. We propose a new task assignment method that establishes a workload balancing that meet precedence and further constraints....

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