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ABB Procontic ABB 07EB200

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We specialize in PLC module, DCS card pieces, ESD system card pieces, vibration monitoring system card pieces, steam turbine control system module,  gas generator spare parts!



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ABB Procontic ABB 07EB200

ABB Procontic ABB 07EB200


ABB Procontic ABB 07EB200


Industrial Automation

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Moore Automation


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Product description

For the switching and control of lighting systems, heating, ventilation, pumps, heat pumps and other building automation systems. Devices for panel mounting on mounting rails (35 mm) according to DIN EN 60715. Depth of assembly: 58 mm. Gray. Magnetic drive without hum, silent switching, switching position indication, integrated coil circuit, mountable auxiliary switch, coil overvoltage protection up to 5 kV, high switching capacity and long service life, fast clamping with push button pressure, large connections with open-frame terminals, contact protection according to VDE 0106 part 100. The nominal operating voltage is 440 V. The nominal operating current is 24 A. The rated operating voltage is 230 V. The supply voltage is AC. The operating voltage type is AC / DC. With 4 contacts. With 0 opening contacts. Maximum capacity: Charge of the incandescent lamp: 1000 W. Fluorescent lamp charge: 700 VA. Maximum capacity: Fluorescent lamp charge (double circuit): 1400 VA. Maximum capacity: Fluorescent lamp. Lead-acid battery voltage for the buffer of ABB I Bus® system to work for average network time periods for min. 10 minutes (full load) connection via standard 4-core cable.

Electrification Products

The Electrification Products division manufactures low- and medium-voltage electrical products, including electric vehicle infrastructuresolar inverters, modular substationsdistribution automation; products to protect people, installations and electronic equipment from electrical overload such as enclosures,cable systems and low-voltage circuit breakers; measuring and sensing devices, control products, switches and wiring accessories. The division further makesKNX systems that integrate and automate a building's electrical installations, ventilation systems, and security and data communication networks. Electrification Products also incorporates an Electrification Solutions unit manufacturing low voltage switchgear and motor control centres. Customers include a wide range of industry and utility operations, plus commercial and residential buildings.

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We have large quantity for common used items,

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We can ship to you via DHL/TNT/UPS/EMS/Fedex in 3 days after payment. it takes about maximum 7 days by air to most of the world.

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our guarantee period is one year.

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Yes, we only do business of Origin and brand new products.

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large inventory & new original guarantee

lead time:2-3 working days

product orgin:SWIZERLAND


shipping port:xiamen

payment:T/T and Western Union

color:metal color

1) AC800M series controller I/O module
2) AC800F series controller module
3) AC31 series controller module
4) 800xA series modules
5) Bailey INFI 90 module
6) DSQC robot module spare parts
7) Advant OCS system spare parts

8) H&B Freelance

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ABB Procontic ABB 07EB200

ABB Procontic ABB 07EB200

ABB Procontic ABB 07EB200

Application Name In the Application Name box, type the actual program name for the I/O Server program from which the data values will be acquired. In case the values are coming from the ABBArcnS Server the ABBARCNS is used. Do not enter the .exe extension portion of the program name. 

Topic Name Enter the name defined for the topic in the ABBArcnS Server to identify the topic the ABBArcnS Server will be accessing. The Topic Name is an application-specific sub-group of data elements. In the case of data coming from ABBArcnS Server program, the topic name is the exact same name configured for the topic in the ABBArcnS Server. 

#SLS1B19 DonGan Single Phase Trans 1 KVA 85-1035SH #6871LR

#SLS1C21 Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-1890A #6874LR

#SLS1B14 Digital Techniques 300amp 720N132 #6875LR

#SLS1C21 Mitsubishi Inverter Fr-A240-30K-UL FreqR0L A200 #6878LR

#SLS1B12 Lesson 15 HP Electric Motor 1180 RPM #M144

#SLS1C21 Indramat AC Servo Line Former NAM 1.3-08 16529CY

#SLS1C21 Indramat AC Servo Line Former NAM 1.2-15 16534CY

#SLS1H77 New TMI Industrial Control #6726LR

#SLS1H77 Omron Programable Controler CQM1 #6733LR

#SLS1C21 New Control Techniques Dinverter DIN3380075B #6736aLR

#SLS1C21 New 3 HP Control Techniques Dinverter DIN3220220B #6737LR

#SLS1C21 New Siemens Simovert AC Drive 6SE1206-3YA00 #6739LR

#SLS1H73 WTC Weld Timer Control

#SLS1C22 Modicon 554 VIC 14760 Operator Interface TCCX871476E15 16521CY

#SLS1C22 Modicon 554 VIC 14560 Operator Interface Panel 16522CY

#SLS1C22 ARTIS ABF-6.2 Operator Interface 16525CY

#SLS1C22 NEMATRON 1C63A3-HB910551 Operator Interface 16526CY


#SLS1B19 Westing House Transformer 6E4397 30 KVA #6589LR

#SLS1F52 New and Used Pipe Fittings

#SLS1F52 New and Used Pipe Fittings Valves and Hangers

#SLS1E43 Oliver of Adrian Face Mill Cutter Grinder 624 #6040SO

#SLS1B19 Roman Resistance Weld Transformer 150 KVA 480 VAC #6043

#SLS1B19 GE Transformer 9T23C4254 440 KVA #6597LR

#SLS1B19 Square D Transformer 112T76 112.5 KVA #6598LR

#SLS1B19 Dynamic Break #6590LR

#SLS1F511 Allen Bradley PLC-2 1/O Chassis 1771-A2B #6041LR

#SLS1J82 New Saver Danfoss Variable Displacement Hydraulic 51 Motor 16926ISU

#SLS1J82 Saver Danfoss Variable Displacement Hydraulic 51 Motor 16930ISU

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