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The rich function block library includes several types of control loops, including advanced control and auto- tune capabilities as well as integration for ABB drives and motors. The controller communication by means of Ethernet includes on board RNRP redundancy along with a broad set of communication modules to connect to third-party devices. A superior redundancy concept allows for fast switch-over times and topologically separated CPU-modules. Several CPU modules are available, varying in terms of processing power, memory size and redundancy support. Priority controlled, time-based tasks allow the highest stability in even complex control tasks

AC 800M controller

A Programmable Automation Controller, designed to achieve high availability for control applications in the process industry.

Article no.: 3BSE003645R1

Product category: PLCs - ABB - Advant Controller 410 - ABB 3BSE003645R1 PM154 (3BSE003645R1) All used units are powered up and tested as far as we have knowledge to. We are unable to fully test some advanced units, but most is fully tested.


  • Full modularity and flexibility for all environments for future expansion of control applications
  • Compact Control Builder software offers a wide range of powerful control solutions and reusable libraries for efficient configuration
  • Robust design and redundancy options in all critical areas of the controller and its components eliminates single-point failures and secures maximum availability
  • Supports a broad range of I/O products that can be integrated into a spectrum of industrial processing applications




Events are classified on a scale, e.g., 0 to 5, where a full abandon platform/facility shutdown (APS – ESD 0) as the highest level means a complete shutdown and evacuation of the facility. The next levels (ESD1, ESD2), define emergency complete shutdown. The lower levels (e.g., PSD 3, PSD 4 and PSD 5) represent single equipment or process section shutdowns. A split between APS/ESD and PSD is done in large installations because most signals are 107 PSD and can be handled with less strict requirements. 

SyntheSys BERTScope 12500A 12.5Gb/s Digital Bit Error Rate Analyzer BERT Tester

VAT 02012-BA24-ACA1?/0024 MONOVAT Pneumatic Transfer Rectangular Gate Valve Viton

Eltek V1250A-VC Rectifier DC Power Supply Enclosure 42-56V/0-25A Plug-In Module

12GB 12x 1GB HYS72T128000HR-?5-A PC2-3200R DDR2-400 ECC REG Server Memory RAM

NuAire NU-S430-600 Class-II Type-B2 Lab Bio-Safety Cabinet Containment Fume Hood

HP J4110A ProCurve Managed Network Switch 8000M 1x J4113A 9x J4111A 2x J4119A

BNC Berkeley Nucleonics 7030A Digital Delay Pulse Generator NIM Plug-In Module

2x Comprehensive S4P-S7P-6HR Male 4-Pin S-Video to Male 7-Pin Cable 1.8m 6Ft.

Cadence Design USB Host SpeedBridge Module Card for Palladium II System

Qualigen 08000036 Lab Fastpack Sample Dispenser Unit for Blood Analyzing

HP Agilent QUIC Terminal Block for E1418A 8/16-CH D/A Converter C-Size VXI Card

Quadrics QsNet-II Interconnect Network Switch+Modules

Kinetic V208-YD22 VXI Analog-Digital Converter 16-Bit 100ks/s ADC Module

UTi SpectraLink 100 IEEE 02800-0001 Residual Gas Analyzer Mass Spectrometer

Ikegami HK-357A Vintage 1980 Broadcast Studio Color Video Camera Movie TV 3Tubes

GRI 15651-141 1/2" MHB Brushless Magnetic Drive MDI Pump 12VDC Assembly

(10) Polycom Soundpoint IP 100/300/500/600 VOIP Phone Handset Charcoal w/Cord

(2) Mueller Brass Streamline A13826 Diaphragm Angle Valve 1/4" Pipe x 1/4" Flare

Swagelok Biopharm SS316L-SFF1 Eccentric Reducer 2" to 3/4" ASME-BPE ECC Fitting

Avocent Cyclades AlterPath PM10i-20A Rack Mount Intelligent Network Managed PDU

HP/Agilent 355E DC-1000MHz Precision VHF Frequency Attenuator 12dB 10dB-Steps

HVA 11560-0153R Standard Cycle 1.5" Vacuum Gate Valve Pneumatically Actuated SS

O-I Analytical SHC Single Column Heater Controller Gas Chromatography Module

Lot of 2 Vexta C7081-9012K 2-Phase 1.8°/Step Brushless DC Stepping Stepper Motor

UMF-Medical 8677 Phlebotomy/ENT Powered Adjustable Patient Examination Chair #2

Thermo Scientific Dionex ASRS-300 064554 Anion Self-Regenerati?ng Suppressor #2

Dynatech TTC T-Berd 42170 Dual-Channel Digital Loop Carrier DLC Analyzer Unit

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