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The rich function block library includes several types of control loops, including advanced control and auto- tune capabilities as well as integration for ABB drives and motors. The controller communication by means of Ethernet includes on board RNRP redundancy along with a broad set of communication modules to connect to third-party devices. A superior redundancy concept allows for fast switch-over times and topologically separated CPU-modules. Several CPU modules are available, varying in terms of processing power, memory size and redundancy support. Priority controlled, time-based tasks allow the highest stability in even complex control tasks

AC 800M controller

A Programmable Automation Controller, designed to achieve high availability for control applications in the process industry.

Article no.: 3BSE003645R1

Product category: PLCs - ABB - Advant Controller 410 - ABB 3BSE003645R1 PM154 (3BSE003645R1) All used units are powered up and tested as far as we have knowledge to. We are unable to fully test some advanced units, but most is fully tested.


  • Full modularity and flexibility for all environments for future expansion of control applications
  • Compact Control Builder software offers a wide range of powerful control solutions and reusable libraries for efficient configuration
  • Robust design and redundancy options in all critical areas of the controller and its components eliminates single-point failures and secures maximum availability
  • Supports a broad range of I/O products that can be integrated into a spectrum of industrial processing applications




Capturing CO2 can be done at large point sites, such as large fossil fuel or biomass energy facilities, industries with major CO2 emissions, natural gas processing, synthetic fuel plants and fossil fuel-based hydrogen production plants: Overall there are three types of processes: • Pre-combustion systems, where the fuel is gasified and processed before combustion, and carbon dioxide can be removed from a relatively pure exhaust stream. • Post-combustion systems, where carbon dioxide is extracted from the flue gas, e.g., using an amine process. • Oxyfuel consumption, where fuel is burned as relatively pure oxygen, so the hydrocarbon is burned in oxygen instead of air. This produces a flue gas consisting of only carbon dioxide and water vapor, which is cooled and condensed.  

HP/Agilent 21364A Omni-Plane TEE Transesophageal Ultrasound Transducer Probe #2

HP/Agilent 84000-60335 Dual-Handler System Interface Module for RFIC Tester

Furon DV3-234D2-231 3/16” Orifice 3-Way Double Diaphragm Seal Solenoid Valve

Gomco 3020 Surgical Dental Medical Aspirator Suction Vacuum Pump System

Lot 6 Aastra Meridian NT4X40 M5008 Business Office Line Display Phone NO HANDSET

ATL Access A 3MHz 19mm Medical Ultrasound Scanhead Probe Transducer 101-24900-54

NEW DNS Dai Nippon Screen Spin Chuck Type SPM 6-F1-04104-01 Spinning Coater

14x Square D Merlin Gerin Multi 9 C60N Type D Circuit Breaker 7A/3A/2A/1A 277VAC

NEW WattStopper LMDC-100 Digital Dual Tech Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor DLM

MKS Instruments 653B-21801 Exhaust Throttle Vacuum Control Valve 5-7/8”

Brandenburg/App?lied Kilovolt 477 High Voltage Lab Photomultiplier Power Supply

Dell J4717 2-Channel U320 SCSI RAID Controller Card PCI-X For PowerEdge 2650

LabLogic IN/US Systems 2B B-RAM Beta Isotope Radioisotope Radio Detector Pump

Lambda Sutter LB10-2 Optical Filter Wheel Changer Controller 10-2 Rackmount Lab

Applied Micro AMCC APM86290 Serengeti Debugger Evaluation Kit 830-0095-01

Scientific Atlanta 2151 Mainframe Chassis Control Unit +2150 Synthesizer Plug-In

Lambda Physik EMG-50E Lab UV Excimer Laser Power Supply

HighPoint RocketRAID 2304-LF 4CH eSATA-II PCI-e RAID Controller Host Adapter HBA

Pfeiffer Balzers TPH-5000 Turbo Molecular Hi-Vacuum Pump+Power Supply+Vent

TSS T-TSSM-00 Fume Hood Digital Face Velocity Monitor Lab Safety Assembly 24VAC

Tektronix 015-0106-00 Amplifier/Power Supply Unit 115V P6046 Differential Probe

Motorola Syntor xx9000 FM Two-Way Radio Mobile Portable T43KXJ7J04BK 12VDC

Chaparral Monterey 35 Stereo Satellite Receiver Unit Celebrity Series

GW Instek GPC-3030D Lab DC Power Supply Unit PSU Dual Tracking with 5V Fixed

(2) Kulicke Soffa 4322 4-CH Controller+1470?-100-0 Wire Detector for Wedge Bonder

Air Rover XL24-BD-DA Portable Industrial Spot Cooling Air Conditioning System

Austin Hughes AH 42U 19” Square Hole Rackmount Server Enclosure Cabinet +Casters

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