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Honeywell 51401491-100 MU-TAMT02 LLMux TC FTA comp (16)

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We specialize in PLC module, DCS card pieces, ESD system card pieces, vibration monitoring system card pieces, steam turbine control system module,  gas generator spare parts.

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Honeywell 51401491-100     MU-TAMT02   LLMux TC FTA comp (16)

Honeywell 51401491-100     MU-TAMT02   LLMux TC FTA comp (16)


Honeywell 51401491-100 MU-TAMT02 LLMux TC FTA comp (16)


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Honeywell 51401491-100 MU-TAMT02 LLMux TC FTA comp (16) Description:

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Quality Control Systems

Honeywell transforms process control beyond traditional Distributed Control System (DCS) functionality by unifying assets, processes, and people to improve business agility. Honeywell's control, monitoring and safety systems deliver integrated process control and advanced safety with better lifecycle support to protect and future-proof users’ investments.

Quality Control Systems

Honeywell's Quality Control Systems (QCS) for the pulp & paper, plastics, rubber, nonwoven and aluminum sheet industries provide superior visibility throughout the manufacturing process to improve product quality and production efficiency, while driving down costs.​​

Security Cables

Ensuring you have the right cable for the right application, our multi-conductor cables are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge sizes, shielding configurations and ratings including plenum, riser and general purpose to meet a wide range of security demands. Get cable you can count on for critical applications like alarms, as well as reliable wiring for intercoms, speakers and other low-voltage circuits that are power limited.

Access Control Cables

Our highly engineered PROFUSION access control cables use a revolutionary twisting scheme to hold pairs together without binding, preventing deterioration and making for easier installation just tape the ends and pull. This represents the most cost-effective solution for bundled cable applications. 

Network & IP Cables

Honeywell Genesis Series Cable satisfies a wide range of power demands with its well-rounded, versatile category cable portfolio now including Cat 6A and Cat 5e/6 Plus shielded cables. With options for increasing signal speed, improving interruption-free connectivity and strengthening overall data security, there's a category cable for virtually every application.

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Honeywell 51401491-100     MU-TAMT02   LLMux TC FTA comp (16) 

Honeywell 51401491-100     MU-TAMT02   LLMux TC FTA comp (16) 

Honeywell 51401491-100     MU-TAMT02   LLMux TC FTA comp (16) 

Connect a DC voltmeter, set to a 15-volt (or higher) range, across the black wire on 4100SM terminal 7(–), and the wire on terminal 3(+). No voltage should be seen at this time. If a voltage is found, check the connections between the control and the 4100SM. Go to the COMM screen after selecting DIRECT WIRE and hit the [ENTER] key two times until the REQUESTING SESSION message appears. At this time, the meter reading should jump to approximately 12 volts for few seconds and then return to zero. If this does not occur, there is a possibility that the transmit and receive pins on the computer are reversed. Insert the Null Modem adapter supplied and try again. 

MKS Type 250B Gas Inlet Automatic Vacuum Pressure/Flow Controller Module

Fluke 8020A Digital Multimeter Conductance DMM Portable Handheld NO LEADS

Lot 5 NEW Spears 801/805-015 1-1/2" 3-Way Coupling Tee Female Pipe Fitting

Russtech RTCRT-47ZGL Contact Retention Test Tool Aviation for NZGL Connector

Extron MLS-506SA 6-Input Media Link Switcher w/Stereo Audio Amplifier RS232

SyntheSys Research BA400-01A BitAlyzer 400 Bit Error Rate Analyzer Tester BERT

Desco EMIT 50528 Zero Volt Monitor ESD Ionization Test SCCN Compatible 1

Lambda LRS-55-24 Regulated 24V DC Power Supply Convection Cooled Single Output

Electronic Measurement Inc. TCR 40S45-1-0480-0V SCR DC Power Supply 0-40V 0-45A

Sartorius IB 31 Digital Scale Missing Top Cover Lid 11-3/4" X 16" PARTS AS-IS

Bonmay A-7000 Spa Facial Skin Care Steamer Circumgyrate w/Ion Apparatus PARTS

6x HSS High Speed Steel Chucking Reamers 0.425"-0.453" Spiral 6 Flute 3/8" Shank

Lot 6 Aastra Meridian NT4X40 M5008 Business Office Line Display Phone NO HANDSET

HP 146GB 10K RPM SAS SFF 2.5" DG146BAAJB Hot Swappable Server Hard Drive HDD

Deltronic HTM24 Metric-X .005mm to .115mm Step Tenth Plug 24-Gauge Gage-Set

HP Agilent 19321-60010 Microsal Control Mainframe Board PCB for 5880A GC

Fisher 3590 Electro-Pneumat?ic Valve Positioner+513R GS Actuator 67AF Regulator#2

Koganei MMF150-02 Micro Mist Filter 0.01um 1/4" NPT 0.93MPa 5°C-60°C 135PSI

Watt Stopper W-120C Ultrasonic Automatic Light Switch Lighting Control

NEW Abbott Perclose ProGlide 6F Suture-Mediated Closure Knot Pusher Trimmer

Lot 7 NEW Spears 1401-015/012 1-1/2" +1-1/4" Barbed Tee 3-Way Male Pipe Insert

Vat 02112-AA24-AQX1 MONOVAT 021 Rectangular Gate Valve w/Pneumatic Actuator

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