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HDP User Group is a non-profit trade organization that offers memberships to companies involved in the supply chain of manufacturing products that utilize high-density electronic packages.

Association / Non-Profit

The mission of HDP User Group International Inc., is to drive innovations in the Electronics Industry reducing cost and time to market through active collaborations that solve critical and emerging problems for the benefit of the membership.

HDP User Group was founded on the premise that by working together and sharing the risks and rewards of implementing new technology, all the members, and the industry as well, would accomplish more at a lower cost than going it alone. Over 20 years of successful operation, as well as continued growth in both membership and projects, has proven that premise to be true. The leverage in each HDP User Group project is so large that just one project can justify the cost of membership.

HDP is a member driven organization. The members decide what technical areas are pursued and what issues are investigated. This structure keeps us focused on the most important issues affecting the electronics manufacturing Industry. The organization works with other industry consortia, universities and government agencies to develop the industry awareness of its project results and to support its membership’s goals.

HDP User Group Postings

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Rework of New High Speed Press Fit Connectors

Jun 06, 2019 | Lars Bruno, Ericsson AB

More and more people and things are using electronic devices to communicate. Subsequently, many electronic products, in particular mobile base stations and core network nodes, need to handle enormous amounts of data per second. One important link in this communication chain is high speed pressfit connectors that are often used to connect mother boards and back planes in core network nodes. These new high speed pressfit connectors have several hundreds of thin, short and weak pins that are prone to damage. Small variations in via hole dimensions or hole plating thickness affect the connections; if the holes are too small, the pins may be bentor permanently deformed and if the holes are too large they will not form gas tight connections.</p><p>The goal of this project was to understand how rework of these new high speed pressfit connectors affects connection strengths, hole wall deformations and plating cracks....

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