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Original New Hollysys FM1201 In stock

Original New Hollysys FM1201 In stock

Original New Hollysys FM1201 In stock


Original New Hollysys FM1201 In stock


Board Handling - Pallets, Carriers, Fixtures

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We can supply you PLC & DCS products as below. Allen Bradley , Honeywell , Bently Nevada , ABB , General Electric , ICS TRIPLEX , Triconex.

Xiamen, China


  • Phone 18030270289

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Most PLC & DCS items in stock!! Welcome to us for a QUOTE. (Unik You) +86 18030205725 (skype/ whatsapp)


Hollysys K-RTD01
Hollysys FM131
Hollysys FM301
Hollysys K-AI01
Hollysys LE5107
Hollysys SM618
Hollysys FM192
Hollysys SM481
Hollysys FM344
Hollysys LE5320
Hollysys SM711
Hollysys SM3340
Hollysys FM163

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Ø In stock

Ø MOQ 1 Pcs

Ø 100% new factory sealed

Ø Warranty: 12 months

Ø All the goods will be tested before shipment

Ø Shipment: DHL UPS FedEx, etc (Packed in brand new and original box)



Our business scope also including:


  • (DCS) Distributed Control System

ABB / Invensys Foxboro / Invensys Triconex / Ovation / Woodword / HIMA / Yokogawa / Honeywell / Emerson

  • (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller

Rockwell Allen-Bradley / Schneider Modicon / GE Fnauc / Siemens / Prosoft / Bachmann / Woodhead

  • (TSI)

Bently Nevada / EPRO / ENTEK



1771-OJ 3500/93-03-01-03-02 NP1PU1-256NE 51202329-102 BSTC176 SE98424140
1771-OJC 3500/93-02-02-00-02 NP1AXH6G-PT 51202329-112 C100/0100/STD
1771-OJCA 1900/65A-01-00-00-01-00 NP1L-AS2 51202329-202 C100/0200/STD
1771-OM 3500/93-06-04-00-00 FPU140S-A10 51202329-212 C1900/0263/0260A  C1900/0263
1771-OMD/A 3500/93-04-03-02-00 NR2DY-32T05DT 51202329-302 C1900/0363  C1900/0363/0360A
1771-OMD/B 1900/65A-01-17-02-02-01 FTU110B 51202329-312 C300/0010/STD
1771-ON 1900/65A-00-02-01-02-01 NP1PM-48R/48E 51202329-402 C87-11006
1771-OP 172931-01 NP1PU-048E 51202329-412 CBHX165C 5R 414 
1771-OQ 3500/42-09-01 NR1JY-08R07DT 51202329-606 CI520V1
1771-OQC 330104-00-10-10-02-00 FTU120C 51202329-616 CI522
1771-OR 1900/65A-01-01-01-01-00 NV1P-082 51202329-722 CI522A 3BSE018283R1
1771-OW 1900/65A-01-00-00-00-00 NP1X1611-RI 51202335-300 CI526
1771-OWN 1900/65A-01-10-02-01-01 NP1AYH4V-MR 51305482-110 CI531 3BSE003825R1
1771-OX 1900/65A-01-11-01-01-00 NU2V-PA1 51305482-210 CI532V01 3BSE003826R1
1771-OYL 3500/32-01-00 125712-01 + 125720-01 NR2JAX-04IMRDT 51305980-184 CI532V02

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