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Radial Electronics develops magnetic components and subsystems for data communication, power conversion, and RF applications.

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Radial Electronics is a privately-held microelectronics company that develops innovative components for data communications and power conversion.  We have partnered with Shennan Circuits Co (SCC) Ltd in Shenzhen China to develop a practical process for embedding magnetic components into printed circuits. Our solutions allow a high degree of integration with other circuit functions and providing performance advancements though precision control and our automated assembly process

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Embedded Inductors with Laser Machined Gap

Oct 30, 2019 | Jim Quilici

This work presents the fabrication of embedded inductors and the experimental laser machining of gaps in the underlying ferrite structure. (...) Energy efficiency is a major driver in the evolution of electronics and electronics packaging. To manage power consumption, portable appliances (smartphones, tablets, e-readers etc.) often use multiple supply voltages and DC/DC converters. Most are based on switch mode power conversion (SMPC). In a power converter, inductors and transformers are used to temporarily store energy during switching cycles. They also have the function of filtering noise. The power magnetics are often the largest and most expensive devices in the circuit. Integrating the magnetics into either a power converter module or system board can significantly reduce size and cost of the power converter function....

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