Warsaw University of Technology

WUT is a research intense, doctoral level academic institution focused on undergraduate and graduate programs almost exclusively in engineering and applied sciences.


With over thirty thousand students served by over two thousand professors and instructors, Warsaw University of Technology is the largest and the highest ranking engineering university in Poland.

The origins of Politechnika Warszawska - Warsaw University of Technology - date back to 1826, the official commencement of educational programs in engineering in our institution. There are seventeen departments/faculties covering almost all fields of engineering and applied science. Sixteen of these faculties are based on two urban campuses in the capital city of Warsaw, and one faculty in the ancient city of Płock in north-central Poland.

The international position of Warsaw University of Technology is supported by the offer of full B.Sc and M.Sc. study programs in English, run currently at 9

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Critical Evaluation of Laboratory Potentiometric Electronic Tongues for Pharmaceutical Analysis - An Overview

Dec 18, 2019 | Małgorzata Łabańska, Patrycja Ciosek-Skibińska, Wojciech Wróblewski

Electronic tongue systems equipped with cross-sensitive potentiometric sensors have been applied to pharmaceutical analysis, due to the possibility of various applications and developing new formulations. Many studies already proved the complementarity between the electronic tongue and classical analysis such as dissolution tests indicated by Pharmacopeias. However, as a new approach to study pharmaceuticals, electronic tongues lack strict testing protocols and specification limits; therefore, their results can be improperly interpreted and inconsistent with the reference studies. Therefore, all aspects of the development, measurement conditions, data analysis, and interpretation of electronic tongue results were discussed in this overview. The critical evaluation of the effectiveness and reliability of constructed devices may be helpful for a better understanding of electronic tongue systems development and for providing strict testing protocols....

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