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PCCL is the leading Austrian "Center of Excellence" for cooperative research in the area of polymer engineering and sciences.

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The Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL) has led collaborative research in polymer technology and polymer science in Austria for more than a decade. Our hundred and more experts carry out R&D in diverse polymer applications, including automotive, aerospace, packaging and solar energy. We also draw on the expertise of academic specialists from the University of Leoben and the Universities of Technology in Graz and Vienna.

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Copper/Epoxy Joints in Printed Circuit Boards: Manufacturing and Interfacial Failure Mechanisms

Jan 09, 2020 | Philipp Nothdurft, Gisbert Riess, Wolfgang Kern

PCBs have a wide range of applications in electronics where they are used for electric signal transfer. For a multilayer build-up, thin copper foils are alternated with epoxy-based prepregs and laminated to each other. Adhesion between copper and epoxy composites is achieved by technologies based on mechanical interlocking or chemical bonding, however for future development, the understanding of failure mechanisms between these materials is of high importance. In literature, various interfacial failures are reported which lead to adhesion loss between copper and epoxy resins. This review aims to give an overview on common coupling technologies and possible failure mechanisms. The information reviewed can in turn lead to the development of new strategies, enhancing the adhesion strength of copper/epoxy joints and, therefore, establishing a basis for future PCB manufacturing....

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