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IMPACT lab is focused on cutting-edge research in innovative antenna designs, RF circuits, and sensors.

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Coat-and-Print Patterning of Silver Nanowires for Flexible and Transparent Electronics

Feb 19, 2020 | Weiwei Li, Azat Meredov, Atif Shamim

Silver nanowires (Ag NWs) possess excellent optoelectronic properties, which have led to many technology-focused applications of transparent and flexible electronics. Many of these applications require patterning of Ag NWs into desired shapes, for which mask-based and printing-based techniques have been developed and widely used. However, there are still several limitations associated to these techniques. These limitations, such as complicated patterning procedures, limited patterning area, and compromised optical transparency, hamper the efficient fabrication of high-performance Ag NW patterns. Here, we propose a coat-and-print approach for effectively patterning Ag NWs....

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