Leader in electronics cleanliness reliability testing–elevating consistency & confidence. Our Objective Evidence system improves reliability for electronics manufacturers and OEMs.

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The Future of Electronics Reliability Testing is here

Components are getting smaller and smaller, and Our Electronics are playing a greater-than-ever role in our daily lives. Reliability matters more than ever. Magnalytix® is at the forefront of an ongoing revolution in cleanliness reliability testing, bringing a new level of consistency and confidence to manufacturers and OEMs.

At Magnalytix® we believe reliability matters so much - we’ve built Objective Evidence Solutions to ensure it. Our reliability engineers created a real-time, objective evidence tool evolved from long proven and accepted laboratory techniques that are designed to operate in an electronics manufacturing facility. The Magnalytix Leadership Team shares over 50 years of experience in the field of electronics manufacturing cleaning and reliability testing. View our shop floor ready, “plug and play” operation products to find your Objective Evidence reliability solution, meeting the recently revised IPC J-STD-001G, AM 1 guidelines.

It’s time to require Objective Evidence in validation of  “how clean is clean” in order to improve reliability of Our Electronics.

Dr. Mike Bixenman and Mark McMeen

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Magnalytix OE-250 SIR Testing System

Reliability testing solutions have lagged behind, until now. Introducing Magnalytix® OE-250 Remember the ROSE test? An industry standard for decades, it is no lon...

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Magnalytix OE-250 SIR Testing System

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Magnalytix to Launch Series of Educational Videos in New Social Media Campaign

Oct 21, 2021 | Magnalytix announces that it will launch a new educational campaign on its media platforms with videos regarding how surface insulation resistance (SIR) testing works and why it is so valuable.

Magnalytix® Provides Inside Expert Knowledge with New Tech Corner

Jan 27, 2021 | Magnalytix, the forefront driver in providing real-time reliability solutions for electronics manufacturing, introduces the Magnalytix Technical Library, anenhancedknowledge base located initsWebsite's Tech Corner. The latest update connects manufacturing engineers with free inside expert knowledge regarding SIR testing and more.

MAGNALYTIX® to Present Three Papers during SMTAI Virtual Conference

Sep 17, 2020 | MAGNALYTIX® today announced its participation in the SMTA International Virtual Conference & Expo. The Live Virtual Exposition is scheduled to take place Sept. 28-30, 2020 where you will have access to chat live with a MAGNALYTIX team member and the On-Demand Conference & Expo will take place Sept. 28-Oct 23, 2020. The MAGNALYTIX team will present three papers during the On-Demand Conference.

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