We provide custom software for industry. We develop engineering projects as well. Our electronic, control and mechanical engineers are at your service. Based in Barcelona.

Inspection, Software Manufacturer

Aneryn is an independent project about invention comprised of engineers, artists and any kind of creators, where innovation and creativity join together.

A place where science and art break their differences and flux together in their common: the imagination.

We are specialised in Software Development. Using Qt and programming in C++, we can create any requirement you have.

We carry out engineering projects as well. Our team is comprised of high-quality electronic engineers, mechanical engineers and control engineers.

Currently, we have developed tools of Orbotech Trion 2340 AOI machine, available at

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Orbotech Trion 2340 Report Converter

Available at Have full control over Orbotech Trion 2340


Orbotech Trion 2340 Report Converter

Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual

Available at A complete Orbotech Trion 2340 PDF ...


Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual

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Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual

Oct 30, 2020 | Aneryn

Preview of the Complete Aneryn's Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual. It explains how to programme the AOI machine, how to train new components (shapes), how to connect it to your network, among other processes. Following the Guide, you will minimize false alarms and escapes rates easily. Full Manual available at <a href=""></a>...

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