Waste and Biomass Valorization

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Waste and Biomass Valorization Postings

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Closed‑Loop Recycling of Copper from Waste Printed Circuit Boards Using Bioleaching and Electrowinning Processes

Feb 04, 2021 | Mahsa Baniasadi· John E. Graves · Daniel A. Ray5 · Angélique Lindamulage De Silva · Derek Renshaw · Sebastien Farnaud

In the present study, a model of closed-loop recycling of copper from PCBs is demonstrated, which involves the sequential application of bioleaching and electrowinning to selectively extract copper. This approach is proposed as part of the solution to resolve the challenging ... doi.org/10.1007/s12649-020-01128-9...

Large PCB Dispensing System

Voidless Reflow Soldering