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Jinan University is a public research university based in Tianhe District, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. It is one of the oldest universities established in China, tracing back to the Qing dynasty.


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Progressive Failure Analysis of Laminates with Embedded Wrinkle Defects Based on an Elastoplastic Damage Model

Mar 04, 2021 | Zhi Hua Ning, Guan Liang Huo, Ren Huai Liu, Wei Lin Wu and Jia Ming Xie

Out-of-plane wrinkling has a significant influence on the mechanical performance of composite laminates. Numerical simulations were conducted to investigate the progressive failure behavior of fiber-reinforced composite laminates with out-of-plane wrinkle defects subjected to axial compression. To describe the material degradation, a three-dimensional elastoplastic damage model with four damage modes (i.e., fiber tensile failure, matrix failure, fiber kinking/splitting, and delamination) was developed based on the LaRC05 criterion. To improve the computational efficiency in searching for the fracture angle in the matrix failure analysis, a high-efficiency and robust modified algorithm that combines the golden section search method with an inverse interpolation based on an existing study is proposed....

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