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Selçuk University started education in the academic year of 1976-1977 with two faculties. Faculty of Science and Faculty of Literature, 7 departments, 327 students and 2 permanent lecturers. Selçuk University has significantly ...

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Detection of PCB Soldering Defects using Template Based Image Processing Method

Apr 15, 2021 | Şaban Öztürk, Bayram Akdemir

In this study, a predefined template-based image processing system is proposed to automatically detect of PCB soldering defects that negatively affect circuit operation. The proposed system consists of a scaled inspection structure, a camera, an image processing algorithm merged with Fuzzy and template guided inspection process. The prototype is produced using a plastic material, depending on the focal length of the camera and the PCB size. Image processing step comprises two steps. Firstly, solder joints are determined and boxed using Fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm....

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