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This company listing was last updated in October 2021

TENGDA Electronic Technology Limited

We are an SMT supplier from China. We supply SMT equipment feeders and equipment accessories for a long time, including Panasonic, Samsung, Yamaha, Fuji, Siemens, JUKI, and others. We supply SMT nozzle, SMT Feeders, SMT machine.

Equipment Dealer / Broker

TENGDA Electronic Technology Limited focused on SMT & AI NPM CM602 business CM402 BM HDF Panasonic SP MSF MSR MV RH AVK series chip mounter, plug-in machine equipment factory of new parts, new machine agents and sales of used equipment. The company can also provide professional equipment maintenance, repair, maintenance, the whole line solutions and personnel training. The other poly Huaguang combined wholesale market to provide the bridge Feida Feida original brand new and second-hand one-stop service. 
IPC Certification Training Schedule

Used Equipment Auction Screen Printers, Placement Machines, Siemens Feeders, Reflow Ovens:  For Sale