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American Semiconductor serves the semiconductor and related industries as the leading developer and manufacturer of ultra-thin chip technology and manufacturing. The company invented and supplies Semiconductor-on-Polymer (SoP) ...

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Electromechanical Reliability Testing of Flexible Hybrid Electronics Incorporating FleX Silicon-on-Polymer ICs

Aug 18, 2021 | Darrell E. Leber, Brian N. Meek, Seth D. Leija, Dale G. Wilson, Richard L. Chaney, and Douglas R. Hackler

Flexible Hybrid Electronics combine the best characteristics of printed electronics and silicon ICs to create high performance, ultra-thin, physically flexible systems. New static and dynamic tests are being developed to evaluate the performance of these systems. Dynamic radius of curvature and torsional test results are presented for a flexible hybrid electronics system with a FleX Silicon-on-Polymer operational amplifier manufactured in an 180nm CMOS process with 4-levels of metal interconnect mounted on a PET substrate....

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