Komacut was established in 2017 with an aim to fast-track new product introduction in the field of sheet metal fabrication.


New Products

Komacut Products

CNC Sheet Metal Bending [Other]

Bending sheet metal makes it possible to create a wide variety of part geometries. The angle and location of the bend can be precisely controlled, multiple bends can be placed closely in relation to ...

Threading & Chamfering [Other]

A huge range of connectors and fittings is currently available on the global market. As a result, ensuring the appropriate threads for your applications becomes increasingly difficult. A wide variety of design rules, and the ...

Surface Finishing [Surface Finish]

When selecting a surface finishing for your sheet metal parts, it’s important to consider the desired corrosion resistance levels, the coating thickness and how this will impact your part’s tolerances and fit, and whether your ...

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