Volume 2, Issue No. 8 Wednesday, August 16, 2000
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August 22, 2000 8:00 AM ET to August 24, 2000 5:00 PM ET

So just what is the OnBoard Forum? Each month we will bring prominent professionals in the electronics manufacturing industry to SMTnet to discuss timely issues affecting the industry. We anticipate thought-provoking discussions, and expect issues raised during OnBoard Forums to reverberate in the Electronics Forums once the interview session has concluded (just the type of food-for-thought exchanges SMTneter's have been looking for!).

Our next OnBoard Forum will feature Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, who is the Vice President of Technology of Indium Corporation of America and inventor of the world�s leading No-Clean Solder Paste NC-SMQ92. He has been with Indium since 1986. Prior to joining Indium, he was with Morton Chemical and SCM. Dr. Lee has more than 16 years of experience in the development of fluxes and solder pastes for SMT industries.

The topic of this OnBoard Forum will be Pb-free and SMT Reflow Processes: Challenges and Solutions for 2001.

Featured Articles

Book Review
SMT Soldering Handbook by Rudolf Strauss
Reviewed by Dave Fish (davefView davef's Profile), Pandion Electronics, Inc.
This is a good jargon-free book that describes methods of soldering components to substrates, while explaining the principles of soldering and surface mount technology.

In the second his edition of "SMT Soldering Handbook" Rudolf Strauss makes it clear that he has been in the thick of European soldering process wars for many years. This experience comes through in the content and the historical context that he uses in describing machine evolution and becomes one of the more unique aspects of this text. While including chapters on many topics, the backbone of "SMT Soldering Handbook" is the strong chapters on soldering theory, wave soldering, and reflow soldering ...
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X-Ray Inspection
Industrial X-Ray Inspection: An Overview
by V. J. Technologies, Inc.
X-rays are a form of transfer of energy. The energy, which travels in a vacuum at the speed of light, can penetrate materials that absorb or reflect light. When X-rays are absorbed, they cause certain substances to fluoresce: emit radiation of lower energy. X-rays can produce an image on a photosensitive film, which can then be made visible by developing it. The use of X-rays for checking the reliability of industrial products or processes is widespread these days. Non-destructive testing by means of the X-ray beam inspects the integrity of industrial products or processes without damaging the items under observation. Industrial radiography, which started in the early 1920s, came of age during the Second World War because better quality inspection was required for high performance fighter planes. Film-less radiography in the form of fluoroscopy was successfully tried for the first time to inspect the aircraft's parts. The future of the non-destructive testing industry looks bright in view of the emphasis on achieving reliability in materials and processes for the space industry in particular ...
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SMTnet is able to provide these services only through the generous financial support of companies like yours; companies that want to be in front of the audience SMTnet attracts. As the budget season approaches we encourage you to keep SMTnet in mind along wth the valuable services it provides your company and professionals in the electronics industry. Please call Roland Girouard at (207) 780-0887 or email SMTnet for more information on ways in which you can support this community.

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What's Happening in the Industry
Performance Test Engineer Golden Valley, MN
Field Engineer Binghamton, NY
Product Marketing Manager Yavne, Israel
Announcing Launch of New Event to Help Electronics Manufacturers Optimize Output by Providing Entire Supply Chain Solutions
Norwalk, Connecticut - The Electronics Group of Reed Exhibition Companies (REC) announces the launch of a new, technology based electronics event. EtroniX is designed to help electronics manuf ...
NEPCON East/Electro 2001 To Return to Traditional Dates
IMTS 2000 Manufacturing Conference Provides Most Useful, Current Technical Information

Upcoming EventsCalendar of Events
NEPCON/Microelectronics Shenzhen Shenzhen, China Aug. 29-Sept. 1
Komponent/Elektronikproduktion 2000 G�teborg, Sweden Sept. 5-8
IMTS 2000 Chicago, IL Sept. 6-13

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