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SMT Express, Volume 2, Issue No. 10 - from
Volume 2, Issue No. 10 Friday, October 20, 2000
Special Announcements

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to Feature Paul T. Vianco

October 24, 2000 8:00 AM MST to October 26, 2000 5:00 PM MST

Paul T. Vianco of Sandia National Laboratories and author of the Soldering Handbook � Third Edition (published by the American Welding Society) will be the moderator of our next OnBoard Forum scheduled for late-October.

Mr. Vianco joined Sandia National Laboratories in 1987 and is currently a principle member of its technical staff. He has been involved in all aspects of soldering technology, including alloy and process development efforts for Sn-Pb (PTH, SMT, and connectors) as well as Pb-free solders, the use of ultra-thin solder joints for microsensor assembly, and the modeling of thermal mechanical fatigue in solder joints. Of particular interest to Mr. Vianco has been the development and experimental validation of multi-dimensional models that predict the solid-state growth of intermetallic compound layers in solder joints. Mr. Vianco�s research continues in determining the reliability of thick film hybrid microcircuits and similar technologies using low-temperature, co-fired ceramics.

Mr. Vianco is Secretary of the Board of Directors, and a member of the technical committee, of the Surface Mount Technology Association. He holds the position of second co-chairman of the Brazing and Soldering Sub-Committee of the American Welding Society and remains active in the American Society for Materials, International.

Questions may be posted to the OnBoard Forum at anytime between the beginning and ending dates. However, Mr. Vianco will answer posted questions between 8AM and 5PM on Tuesday the 21st through Thursday the 26th.

Featured Articles

Marketing New feature article category!
What is not CRM?
by Tim Lee, WebCMO

After one to one marketing and personalization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the next buzzword for E-commerce. However, very few people can give a clear and workable definition of CRM. We start this series study of CRM by discussing what is not CRM.

What should be the customer relationship with a company? How to define such relationship? How to construct the strong customer relationship? How to use marketing research techniques and database applications to enhance the customer relationship? These are some of the topics...

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Book Review
The Engineering Documentation Control Handbook - 2nd edition by Frank B. Watts
Reviewed by Dave Fish (davefView davef's Profile), Pandion Electronics, Inc.

Engineering Documentation Control Handbook, 2nd edition, by Frank B. Watts is an excellent description of the key elements for designing and implementing a documentation management system. Mr. Watts covers the basics, rules and reasons, and real world examples. The text is crisp and the book's organization clear and logical. As an indispensable tool for those setting up or overhauling a configuration management system, the book is a blessing for those that bear the burden of a poor documentation control system - customers and manufacturing managers.

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Book Review
Soldering Handbook - 3rd edition by Dr. Paul T. Vianco
Reviewed by Dave Fish (davefView davef's Profile), Pandion Electronics, Inc.

Dr. Paul T. Vianco, of Sandia National Laboratories, wrote this third edition of the "Soldering Handbook", as a project of the American Welding Society C3 Committee on Brazing and Soldering. This is the long over-due update of the 1977 legendary "AWS Soldering Handbook." In Dr. Vianco's words, the purpose of the text is to provide information to, "�allow soldering technology to be more fully utilized in advance structural joining applications, as well as to enhance its continued use as a critical assembly technology for the electronics industry."

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Circuit Test Automation
Automation Is A Great Idea For In Circuit Test
by David W. Dooley & Cory J. Miller View Cory's Profile, TSL America Inc

Electronics has gone through extreme revolutions in manufacturing technology. The technologies of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) design, production, and testing have steadily advanced. New process and production innovations are required for manufacturers to meet the demands of today's customer and be able to provide new, innovative market opportunities...

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What's Happening in the Industry
Cost Estimator N. Andover, MS
Application Engineeer, SMT Peachtree City, GA
Quality Assurance Engineer Houston, TX
Microboards Technology LLC Announces Acquisition of Champion Duplicators, Inc.; Microboards Manufacturing LLC Latest Addition to MTI Group of Companies
Microboards Technology, LLC announced today the formation of Microboards Manufacturing, LLC with the acquisition of Champion Duplicators, Inc. Operations of the facility commenced as a division of Microboards Technology....
Qualcon Increases Capacity
FLOWERY BRANCH -- Qualcon announced today that effective October 16 they will increase automated SMT placement capacity by 47% and double their automated box-build assembly...
Telematics Will Influence Most Automotive Electronics And Spawn 'e-Vehicle Wonderland,' Says Roland Berger Study
Automotive telematics applications will influence most auto electronics, spawning "an e-Vehicle wonderland" by 2004, and a wide variety of powerful players will...

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