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SMT Express, Volume 5, Issue No. 3 - from
Machine Capability Measurement on SMT Equipment
by Romain Schmitt, Jean Marie Guillet - Solectron Technology, Inc.
Introduction by Michael Sivigny of EAGLE-EYED ONE
Increased productivity has a profound impact on profitability! Statistically evaluating your SMT equipment will enable you to optimize machine performance and improve your productivity. Your evaluation must employ a suitable measurement method that provides accurate statistical results. The Schmitt - Guillet article gives an excellent detailed explanation of a third party independent measurement method using the CmController.
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New Look for SMTnet Express
With this March 2003 issue SMTnet is pleased to release a new version of the SMTnet Express Newsletter. The Express' mission is to bring you timely information about companies, technologies and people making news in the electronics manufacturing community. Your comments and contributions are welcome at SMTnet.
Glenbrook Honored
Honored by NJ Legislature for X-Ray System Fighting Terrorism
Universal Caters to Small, Mid-size Manufacturers
Universal Instruments announces the release of the Vantis platform
Orbotech Releases New AOI Series
Orbotech introduces new Spiron-8800 AOI Series for PCB production
Intercept Technologies, Inc. Releases New Design Software
Intercept Launches Pantheon Express to Address Budget-Minded Market
Advance Circuits Opens New Plant
New plant, new employees and increasing business signal growth for Advance Circuits
Nashua and Parlex Sign Strategic Agreement
New plant, new employees and increasing business signal growth for Advance Circuits
Ansoft Ships Much Awaited Ansoft Designer
Ansoft raises the bar with its next generation of circuit design software.
Electronics Workbench Delivers the Tools
Electronics Workbench steps up to needs of PCB designers with its investments in R&D
DownStream's CAM350 Design Software Sparkles
CAM350 Release 8 eliminates bugs and delivers upgraded features.
More News

Omnimate Connectors Eliminate Vibration Woes
Integral screwed flanges suitable for SMT processes
ODU Flakafix Solves Termination Issues
Board-to-cable connector can now be supplied with a variety of terminations
DEK's new Via Fill Process Fills the Voids
DEK's innovative process fills vias faster than squeegees.
More News

Production scheduling
Posted by Garth

I am looking for suggestions for software for use in productions scheduling...

Black pad defect
Posted byJodi Roepsch

I am interested in knowing if anyone has new information about the black pad defect with ENIG plating...

Plating for aluminum wire bonding
Posted by ramanandkini

Recently, one of our new vendor supplied us PCBs with Electroplated Nickel and Gold. We have the other regular source giving us ENIG plating...

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Quad QSP-2
Posted by Electronic Technology Corporation (ETC)
Air-Vac - Double Diffuser DRS 22C 24"
Posted by DoveBid
Novastar 1800 Reflow Oven
Posted by Hi-Tech Sources
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IPC Printed Circuits Expo 2003
March 25 - 27, 2003
IPC SMEMA Council's APEX 2003
March 31 - April 2, 2003
Del Mar Electronics Show
May 7 - 8, 2003
May 6 - 8, 2003
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Surface Mount Design
by Vern Solberg
for SMT Magazine

As IC package technology advances, the assembly processing for electronics has become a sophisticated science...
Machine Vision in Today's PCB Market
Nello Zuech
for Circuits Assembly

Is the time to adopt AOI now? The technology has become robust, and major strides have been made in price and performance....
Motivate Your Sales Team
Bridget McCrea
for Industrial Distribution

Sales drive the wheel.

SMTA Testability Guidelines

Test and Diagnostic Guidelines TP-101C now available from SMTA
SMTA Introduces Two Certification Programs

SMTA offers workshop style certification programs in smt processes and systems.

IPC and HKPCA Combine Talents

IPC and Hong Kong PC Assoc join forces to produce massive tradeshow in Guangzhou, China
IPC, SOLDERTEC Conference to Address Hot Lead Free Topics

IPC and SOLDERTEC sponsor Belgium conference on Lead Free Electronics
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Volume 5, Issue No. 3 March 20, 2003
Global manufacturing solutions provider
High Throughput Reflow Oven
Selective soldering solutions with Jade soldering machine

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