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SMT Express, Volume 5, Issue No. 10 - from

Major Public Webcast Auction
GE Global Electrical Solutions (GES) is pleased to have been selected by Solectron Corporation to conduct this one day worldwide live webcast auction of a 250,000 square foot printed circuit assembly facility in Monterrey and surplus assets in Guadalajara, Mexico. This auction includes very late model equipment from numerous categories.

Volume 5, Issue No. 10
Aug 27, 2003

Sell Your Used SMT & Test Equipment

Flux-Free Reflow Soldering

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Cookson to sell Speedline
As part of a wide restructuring plan, Cookson Electronics, a division of Cookson Group plc. announced that it is selling its equipment business.

Teradyne cutting about 500 jobs
Teradyne Inc. has begun cutting about 500 jobs, or 7 percent of its total work force, in an effort to end the company's string of losses

Minn.-based Pemstar to expand Austin presence
A provider of electronics manufacturing services is expanding its presence in Austin.

EMS companies still plagued by pricing pressures
Pricing Pressure Still Weighing On EMS Sector

French communications giant wants no repeat of past
Alcatel doesn't want to repeat the past, when a glut of inventory crippled telecom manufacturers

Vishay Receives Global Supplier Award from Celestica
"Vishay is pleased to be recognized by an industry leader like Celestica"

Manufacturing in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region surges in August
Manufacturing in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region surged well beyond Wall Street expectations in August and U.S. unemployment lines were shorter last week

Celestica says lead-free initiative is more significant than transitioning from through-hole to SMT
Like it or not, environmental regulations taking hold in Europe and Japan are forcing the electronics industry in the United States to accept a lead-free future.

US Government Agency Invests Manufacturing Dollars in Russia
OPIC approves $10 million load to Numotech, Inc. to build manufacturing facility in Russia

SMTA International 2003
Learning today for tomorrow's demands
September 22, Chicago, IL

Troubleshooting The SMT Assembly Process
With Phil Zarrow
September 5, Pittsburgh

New! 2003 IPC Publications Catalog
75 items new or revised since the 2002 catalog

Schedule for IPC Annual Meeting
Lead free solders and embedded passives headline professional development schedule.
Electrovert Econopak Plus Wave Solder
Wanted by Pro-Con Technologies

Contact Systems CS400D
Posted by Digital Technologies, Inc.

Heller 1700SX
Posted by Electronics Assembly Resource Network, Inc.

Customized Assembly
Posted by James
... we should be able to partially build up boards to a standard level and then when a customer orders with the options they want we will be able to build, test, and ship within 24 - 48 hours.

Screen Printing for BGA
Posted by paulm
The problem we are trying to eliminate has to do with BGA Ball Size Variance. Some of our vendors are allowing a +/- of 0.004" in ball size.

Safety equipment for servicing solder wave
Posted by adlsmt
Anyone have a good source for respirators, gloves, aprons etc. for working on wave solder machines?

Europlacer Promon software
Posted by richardanderson
Has anyone experience in setting up the promon production monitoring software on Europlacer machines?

Design for Manufacture Workshop
August 27, Glen Cove, NY

ElectroComp 2003
September 10, Croatia

Assembly Technology Expo 2003
September 22, Chicago, IL

IPC Annual Meeting
September 28, Minneapolis, MN

Quality Manager
Company: Reptron Manufacturing
Location: Tampa

Sales of PCB assembly equipment
Company: Cardinal Circuit
Location: Dublin, OH

SMT Maintenance Technician & Programmer
Location: Ontario
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