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0201 and 01005 Adoption in Industry

0201 and 01005 Adoption in Industry

Size Comparison Chart. US 0201 and 01005 correspond to metric 0603 and 0402.First introduced in the year 2000, the 0201 package was sold in significant numbers in the electronics industry by 2003. According to some estimates, it currently accounts for approximately 20% of surface mounted component (SMC) demand worldwide1. This puts consumption between 100 and 200 billion units per year. Despite these impressive numbers, the 0201 package and its� smaller cousin, the 01005 package, have not yet achieved anything resembling widespread adoption in the overall electronics industry.

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Source: DfR Solutions

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Trident OneShot

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SMT Parts kitting | I am currently looking for a quicker more efficient way to kit our parts from pulling to the carousel to organizing feeder locations on our SMT equipment... »»

Vapor Phase vs Convection for production | We're looking to replace one of our reflow ovens. I'm hoping that someone out there can give me a list of pros and cons of vapor phase vs convection for production reflow... »»

Mirtec programming discussion | Has anyone had any luck programming using the side cameras to inspect for defects on the sides of chip components? We recently had an escape of a damaged chip capacitor that was impossible to see from the top camera... »»

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Counterfeit Electronic Components Avoidance Workshop (CCAW)

Seminar/Course | Mon, Feb. 7 | Sponsored by: Components Technology Institute, Inc.

Counterfeit electronic components entering the supply chain are causing a huge economic impact in the electronics industry. This Seminar discusses avoidance practices to combat this problem... »»

SMT Assembly Training - �Boot Camp�

Seminar/Course | Tue, Feb. 8 | Sponsored by: BEST Inc

This course is meant for those involved in electronics manufacturing who desire a thorough understanding of surface mounted electronic assemblies and all the processes involved in their manufacturing... »»

Interactive PCB Inspection Lab

Seminar/Course | Thu, Feb. 10 | Sponsored by: EPTAC

This is a 1-day course utilizing, lectures, visual acuity exercises, and physical assemblies to provide the students with an experience in visually inspecting printed circuit assemblies... »»

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SMT Maintenance Technician

Variosystems, Inc.

Southlake, TX, USA

Troubleshoot & Maintain: Siemens (Siplace) placement machines, JOT, MPM... »»

Quality Engineer

NBS Inc.

Santa Clara, CA, USA

Identify weaknesses in processes, procedures, work instructions, determine opportunities for improvement... »»

Sales and Service Engineer

Advanced Global Alliance (Phils) Inc.

Manila, Philippines

The prospective candidate should be able to handle sales and service functions... »»

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Debug Technician

Desired Field: Production, Engineering

Leominster, MA, USA

I work as a Debug Technician for 10 years. Skilled in Debug PCB's down to component level... »»

Electrical Engineer/Physical Chemist

Desired Field: Research and Development

Columbia, MO, USA

I have a wide range of experience, from working for a defense contractor to one of the world's largest manufacturers... »»


Desired Field: Technical Support

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have experience with computer hardware troubleshooting, repair, and updating...»»

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