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Technical Library

A Printed Circuit Board Inspection System With Defect Classification Capability

by I. Ibrahim, S. Bakar, M. Mokji, J. Mukred, Z. Yusof, Z. Ibrahim, K. Khalil, M. Mohamad; University Teknologi Malaysia - Faculty of Electrical Engineering

An automated visual PCB inspection is an approach used to counter difficulties occurred in human�s manual inspection that can eliminates subjective aspects and then provides fast, quantitative, and dimensional assessments.

In this study, referential approach has been implemented on template and defective PCB images to detect numerous defects on bare PCBs before etching process, since etching usually contributes most destructive defects found on PCBs. The PCB inspection system is then improved by incorporating a geometrical image registration, minimum thresholding technique and median filtering in order to solve alignment and uneven illumination problem. Finally, defect classification operation is employed in order to identify the source for six types of defects namely, missing hole, pin hole, underetch, short-circuit, mousebite, and open-circuit.

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SMT / PCB Products

Aqueous Cleaning... AQUANOX A4241

Effective on the toughest soils...

by: Kyzen

S-930N Selective Flux Jetting Dispenser
S-930N Series Selective Flux Jetting Dispensers

High-speed jetting of thin film coatings...

by: Asymtek

MPM Momentum
Stencil Printer
MPM Momentum Series Stencil Printers

A highly reliable printing system...

by: Speedline

BGA Rework Station
FINEPLACER� coreplus BGA rework station

The perfect blend of performance and cost...

by: Finetech

iico Pick & Place System (new!)
iico Pick & Place System

For the latest electronic production needs...

by: Europlacer

Stencil Printer
SP700avi Inline Stencil Printer

Utilising the most advanced drive...

by: Speedprint

EXCEN High Speed
Modular Mounter
EXCEN High Speed Modular Mounter

World's highest area productivity...


Mark5 Series -
Reflow System
The Mark III Reflow System

Up to 40% reduction in nitrogen consumption...

by: Heller

SMT / PCB Equipment Auctions

X-Line - SMT Equipment Auctions

3 Late Model SMT Lines and Process Equipment - Artaflex #2

August 19-20 | by: X-Line Asset Management

Electronic Equipment Mart

Vitronics 6622C
Wave Solder
Vitronics 6622C Wave Solder

IBE SMT Equipment

all marketplace listings

Camalot 5000
Adhesive Dispenser
Camalot 5000 Adhesive Dispenser


all marketplace listings

Electrovert Omniflo10
Reflow Oven
Electrovert Omniflo10 Reflow Oven

JMW Enterprises

all marketplace listings

Panasonic CM602
Panasonic CM602 Chipshooter


all marketplace listings

Events Calendar

August 27-29 | by: IPC

Workshops and a technical conference in addition to exhibits from electronics assembly equipment manufacturers, assembly services and design companies.

Cleaning, Testing and Reliability Workshop
- Free Online Webinar

September 10 | by: ZESTRON

A guide to best practices on PCB cleaning, failure mechanisms, solder paste challenges, surface analytics, PCB test techniques, and low cost solutions.

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Next Event: Webinar: Conformal Coating In The Factory - August 29


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