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SMTnet - where else would you meet over 500,000 industry professionals? SMTAI 2018 Electronics Manufacturing Conference & Expo

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Technical Library

Improved Flux Reliability of Lead-Free Solder Alloy Solder Paste Formulated with Rosin and Anti-Crack Resin for Automotive and Other High Reliability Applications

Shantanu Joshi, Jasbir Bath, Mitsuyasu Furusawa, Junichi Aoki, Roberto Garcia, Manabu Itoh; Koki Company LTD

In recent years, a growing number of electronic devices are being incorporated into automotive and other high reliability end products where the challenge is to make these devices more reliable. The package size of the devices is largely driven by the consumer industry with their sizes getting smaller making it harder to assemble and be reliable at the same time. For automotive and other high reliability electronics product, it is of the utmost priority to secure high reliability because it directly involves human life and safety. Challenges include selecting an appropriate solder alloy and having good reliability of the solder paste flux.

SMTA International 2018

Technical Conference - October 14 - 18

Electronics Exhibition - October 16 - 17

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, Illinois, USA

If you want to get the latest research to help you reduce defects and control your processes, look no further than the SMTA International Technical Conference.

Choose from four days of session tracks including Advanced Packaging Technology; Flux, Solder, Adhesives; Inspection Technologies; Manufacturing Excellence; and Substrates/PCB Technology, as well as the Harsh Environments Symposium, Technical Innovations Symposium, and the Lead-Free Soldering Technology Symposium.

Twenty half-day professional development courses are offered Sunday and Monday from expert instructors.

Here is some of the equipment you will see at the show:


GPD Global Selective Conformal Coating System - SimpleCoat TR - Cost-effective Solutions for Conformal Coating with Tilt and Rotate Spray Valve

SMTAI Booth # 517

Nordson Asymtek Vantage Next-Generation Dispensing Capabilities for Precision Packaging and Assembly

SMTAI Booth # 311


Speedprint SP1550 Screen Printer Expressly Designed to Accommodate Long Boards

SMTAI Booth # 116

Europlacer ATOM High Speed, Multi-Functional Placement Machine

SMTAI Booth # 1215


KIC RPI i4.0 Auto Profiling and Intelligent Network Software

SMTAI Booth # 124

BTU Pyramax Reflow Oven

SMTAI Booth # 430

Shenmao Soldering Materials

SMTAI Booth # 233

Delta High Performance Solder Paste

SMTAI Booth # 334


ZESTRON Innovative Aqueous and Solvent Based PCB Cleaning Agent Technologies

SMTAI Booth # 215

KYZEN Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Chemistries, Products, Services and Accessories.

SMTAI Booth # 623


MIRTEC MV 6 OMNI High-Speed / High-Performance 3D AOI Machine

SMTAI Booth # 208

TRI TR7007QI 3D SPI System with Shadow Free Precise Inspection

SMTAI Booth # 224

YXLON Cheetah EVO & Cougar EVO Series Best-In-Class Scalabe X-ray Inspection Systems

SMTAI Booth # 810

HIOKI In-Circuit and
Flying Probe Testers


SMTAI Booth # 305

TruView™ Prime X-Ray Inspection Systems - Benchtop Meets Powerful

SMTAI Booth # 1224

Scienscope - The Worlds Fastest Component Counters

SMTAI Booth # 229


BEST PCB Rework/Repair &
Assembly Tools

SMTAI Booth # 1132

Ersa HR 550 Guided Rework with Computer Aided Alignment and 3900W of Power

SMTAI Booth # 616

Metcal CONNECTION VALIDATION™, The Next Generation of Soldering

SMTAI Booth # 330

PDR Focused IR Rework Systems - SMD, BGA, CSP, QFN, PoP, LED

SMTAI Booth # 527

Virtual Industries Vacuum Tweezers, Easily Handle Small Parts

SMTAI Booth # 235

PACE Soldering, Desoldering and Rework Solutions Since 1958

SMTAI Booth # 1028


Clariant Moisture Control Products - Desiccants & Humidity Indicators

SMTAI Booth # 110

FKN Systek - Largest Variety of Tools for PCB Separation

SMTAI Booth # 1212

What else is going on at SMTA International 2018?

See More Equipment and Technology

Learn about the latest equipment and technology from over 170 exhibiting companies. Bring your boards so you can see first-hand how you can increase yield!

Keynote: The World's Most Advanced Fighter Jet Helmet - from Development and Production to the Fight

Tuesday, October 16 | 8:00am - 10:00am

Don't miss this dual keynote presentation from Rockwell Collins and Lockheed Martin to discuss the design, development, and the pilot's perspective, of the revolutionary Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) for the F-35 Fighter Jet.

"Pick-n-Taste" Beer Tasting and Reception

Wednesday, October 17 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm | Exhibit Hall Courtyard

Come help us recognize the companies who have supported the local SMTA events by bringing equipment, technology and knowledge to your engineers and operators across the globe. These companies' commitment and participation at the local level is what the SMTA is about. Celebrate with us on Wednesday, October 17 at 3:00 p.m. and sample beverages from our SMTA chapter regions.

Special thanks to our Premium Sponsor!

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America

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Reporting Editor - Derek LaBorie

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Turn-Key PCB Prototypes - On Your Bench in 5 Days

QWIKTRAY - custom component handling matrix tray - Count on Tools

Software for PCB Manufacturing - Unisoft

Experience the Blackfox Difference - Premier IPC Training & Certification Center

Quality Pre-Owned SMT Eequipment - Robo-Tek

Innovative aqueous and solvent based technologies for cleaning PCBs

Used SMT Equipment - IBE - Rework Tools

Selective Conformal Coating System - GPD impleCoat

Vacuum Tweezers - pick up small components with ease

HELLER - Choose an Oven for Your Reflow Needs

KIC - Making Reflow Ovens Smarter

Discover the Next Generation of Electronics Inspection - Join the YXLON EVOlution

Hioki 1240 Flying Probe Tester - ultra-high speed measuring, fine pitch inspection.

Rework Made Easy - Guided processes with computer aided alignment and 3900W of power - Ersa HR 550 Rework Station

MIRTEC MV 6 OMNI High-Speed / High-Performance 3D AOI MACHINE.

Speedprint SP700avi inline SMT screen printer

NEW PDR Products for IR Thermal Test and Rework

Delta Solder Materials from Qualitek for Ultra-Fine Pitch printing.

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