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Smart and Connected Bioelectronics for Seamless Health Monitoring and Persistent Human-Machine Interfaces

Credits: Georgia Institute of Technology

Recent advancement of flexible wearable electronics allows significant enhancement of portable, continuous health monitoring and persistent human-machine interfaces. Enabled by flexible electronic systems, smart and connected bioelectronics are accelerating the integration of innovative information science and engineering strategies, ultimately driving the rapid transformation of healthcare and medicine. Recent progress in the development and engineering of soft materials has provided various opportunities to design different types of mechanically deformable systems towards smart and connected bioelectronics.

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

Vision Engineering Launches Microscope Trade-in Program

Vision Engineering Inc., manufacturers of optical and digital inspection and non-contact measurement systems, launches a microscope trade-in program .... | Vision Engineering Inc.>

Seika Upgrades Options for McDry Electronic Drying Storage Cabinets

Seika Machinery, Inc. is pleased to announce new upgraded features for all McDry Electronic Drying Storage Cabinets. Available options include MSD control tracking software and multiple data loggers including wireless, intranet and cloud-based systems with alert capabilities.... | Seika Machinery, Inc.

Phoenix Systems Gains New Production Insights with X-Ray Machine from Europlacer.

Fareham-based contract electronics manufacturer Phoenix Systems UK Ltd has added in-house X-Ray facilities to its production resources. The company chose a new Unicomp AX-8200HR X-Ray machine from Europlacer. This advanced process verification and improvement machine was delivered and installed in April this year, despite the coronavirus lockdown.... | EUROPLACER

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