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Failure Analysis – Using Ion Chromatography And Ion Chromatography/Mass Spec (IC/MS)

Since the 1980s the electronics industry has utilized ion chromatography (IC) analysis to understand the relationship of ions, and some organics, to product reliability. From component and board fabrication to complete electronic assemblies and their end-use environment, IC analysis has been the de facto method for evaluating ionic cleanliness of electronic hardware.

Credits: Foresite Inc.

Column Properties That Make An Impact On Ion Chromatography

For the separation of ionic species, ion chromatography (IC), a type of liquid chromatography, is the method of choice. The most critical component of this technique is the separation column, which is selected based on factors that include the specific analytes of interest, the sample type and the required detection levels. This article outlines the column parameters that impact the separation of charged species in solution using ion-exchange chromatography and the developments that have continued to redefine what is possible with an IC system.

Credits: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Fundamentals of Capillary Ion Chromatography

In this work, we highlight the fundamental differences between conventional IC (4 mm and 2 mm) and Capillary Ion Chromatography.

Credits: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Electronics Forum

Pick and Place Startup - LQPF100 bridging issues -- I work for a company that, up until now, has done everything using through-hole components. This has been fine for years, but we have been pushed into the world of surface mount manufacturing by a new product that is far cheaper and faster to manufacture this way. Our setup consists of a manual stencil printer, CHMT36VA desktop pick and place machine, and a DDM Novastar GF-B-HT batch reflow oven. The paste we are using is ChipQuik TS391AX500C.

Universal GSM Blue Label Feeder (24V) -- Looking to repurpose some older 32mm GSM Blue Label feeders for a custom application. These feeders are the 24V type and not 42V. Does anyone have any information on connecting to and communicating with the feeder outside of a GSM machine or setup cart?

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

North American EMS Industry Down 3.6 Percent in March

IPC Releases EMS Industry Results for March 2021... | IPC

Torenko Partners with SMTVYS to Represent Hentec/RPS in Mexico

Torenko & Associates partners with SMTVYS Technology providing increased level of professional sales and support for all regions of Mexico.... | Hentec Industries, Inc. (RPS Automation)

Best solution for SMT INLINE PROCESS "In-line 3D CT AXI System"

X-ray inspection specialist, SEC Ltd. is pleased to introduce the X-eye 6300NTI In-Line 3D CT AXI system. The system features world-class pulsed X-ray with a Hybrid Open Tube. High quality images can be acquired in high-speed without image dragging.... | SEC

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FEATURED AUCTION | Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment

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TYPE: On-Line Auction

DESCRIPTION: Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment from various original equipment manufacturers.

FEATURING: All equipment was extremely well maintained) Additional assets added from other suppliers. Inspection available appointment only. ...!!!

SCHEDULE: May 4 to 6, 2021

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FEATURED AUCTION | Ex-Eolane Montceau Equipment Auction

Troostwijk Auctions

TYPE: On-Line Auction

DESCRIPTION: Online auction of modern PCBA/COB SMT machinery and related equipment By order of the interested party, further to the complete closure of Eolane Montceau manufacturer of electronic (sub-)assemblies at Montceau-les-Mines (in between Dijon and Lyon) in France.

FEATURING: 2014 PANASONIC SPG high-speed screen printers, 2013 PANASONIC NPM-W modular placement machines, DEK Horizon, Hexagon, Siplace, CAB, Purex, Kardex, Megamat etc. ...!!!

SCHEDULE: Fri, Apr 23 to Tue, May 11, 2021

SPONSOR: Troostwijk Auctions

XTECH Auctions - Where Technology Sells

Troostwijk Auctions

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Rocky Mountain Chapter Webinar: SMT Screen Printing Best Practices | May 5 | SMTA

Jet Printing and Cleaning Challenges - May 25th | May 25 - 25 | ZESTRON

Heartland Expo & Tech Forum | July 15 | SMTA

 Zestron - Webinar: Cleaning before coating

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