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PCBA fail functional test due to frequency drift

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 03:21:37 EDT 2009 | lincy

We found a PCBA performance have insertion loss at the functional test process. We did some analysis and conclude the main root cause is from the PCB performance. What is the critical parameter in PCB will cause a failure in PCBA frequency performan

Relying on AOI for sensor boards - EOL for functional test

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 12:45:00 EDT 2018 | mdkmdr

Trying to get a sense of the push-pull going on between designers and manufacturers on the subject of 'one test point per net'. Getting a feeling like the new paradigm is doing all of the electrical tests as functional at EOL and relying almost comp

Relying on AOI for sensor boards - EOL for functional test

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 04:45:42 EDT 2018 | robl

Depends on what sort of outfit you are working for, and what you are building. A lot of CEMs are doing Flying Probe or ICT on the boards ahead of investing time building into units or adding parts that prevent access to rework. We have a combination

SMT LED functional failure

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 01:40:17 EDT 2003 | praveen

Hi , We are using water wash solder paste to solder the SMT LED's manufactured by Chicago Miniature lamp (CMD93-21 & 22)and Kingbright. Achieving the solder fillet , wetting has no issue but we observe high fallout at the functional testing. If we do

electrical test

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 27 16:06:18 EDT 2006 | chrisgriffin

You will have to be more specific about your boards and process to get any help. There are many different types of in circuit tests and functional tests throughout the manufacturing process. The nature of these tests depend on board function. Sinc

electrical test

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 27 16:54:46 EDT 2006 | pjc

In-Circuit test, or ICT, is the most common method of electrical test for an assembled PCB. It is the most comprehensive and accurate method to ensure that both the PWB and components are working to specification. Not all components however can be el

Functional test development

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 14 08:14:18 EDT 2011 | ssager

I am looking for an individual or a company that is capable of designing a function test for a simple board. Anyone have any suggestions?

Functional test development

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 25 14:39:25 EDT 2011 | rway

Give me information about the product and your test requirements and I might be able to help you. Reese

BGA function test

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 22:43:16 EST 2004 | davef

Try: * Ito America * Hitachi Chemical * 3M * Sony Chemicals

BGA function test

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 10:18:52 EST 2004 | tonyfox

Our company laser re-ball's BGA down to 100 microns ball size. One of our OEM customers have asked us to function test there BGA on Mobile phone PCB's. Origionally we thought of a test sockets however the sockets interfere with other devices on the P

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