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QUAD 4C mk2 Z axis

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 05 19:00:18 EST 2013 | marcelorotofrance

I found problem, it was a faulty connector on the align processor card. So, Mr. Bobpan, I thank you very much for your invaluable guidance. P.S. My employer has been very clever and have purchased a 18 years old/ 25000 run hours/ third-hand equipmen

Quad Feeders performance improvement

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 12 08:42:56 EST 2013 | bobpan

I hope you realize that you can pocket position the part so that it is in the center of the beam on the feeder. To do this.... 1. press both buttons (light go out) 2. press rear button 3 times 3. Then use front button to position part 4. The press re

Mydata feeders not compatible

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 17:00:42 EST 2013 | richardc

I am trying to use Mydata TM8C feeders that work fine on a TP93 running 1.6.18 TPsys but are not recognized by a TP94 machine running 1.4.7 TPsys. I get a green flashing light instead of a solid green. I can initialize the hardware but can not proc

Cyber Optics SE300

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 26 07:45:33 EST 2013 | cyber_wolf

We have had a 300 for about three years. The mechanicals are pretty solid, but the software has much to be desired in my opinion. It is not intuitive.You have to drill into several layers and navigate all over the place to make simple changes. Mecha

Component placement

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 17 08:35:17 EDT 2013 | emeto

I currently run Siemens and they have their own recommendations about placement force. Most of the passive parts will be placed using 2N. For some BGA'a we will go about 4N and for certain parts that are very easy to break you should go 1N. All parts


Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 26 11:37:39 EDT 2013 | dman97

Hi Deni, I have access to the online database, but I don't see the option for machine manuals. I only see the trouble shooting guide. 2 of my machines are running a variant of UPS 3.1 on OS/2. The other machine is running an older 1.4 OS/2.

Quad IQ feeder does not exist error

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 18 17:42:26 EDT 2013 | navworx

Just because a feeder has 8 pins on the front > does NOT mean it is IQ. The IQ feeders started at > a certain level of feeder part number.....which i > do not remember being that many people dont use > the IQ system. > > Good Luck It has PLD v

2 oz Copper thickness??

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 23 15:35:45 EDT 2013 | dyoungquist

Check out IPC-A-600. Revision G (July 2004) section 3.2.3 (surface) and section 3.2.4 (internal) give min/max thicknesses for various weight copper. The min also changes depending on what class (1-3) standard you are working to.

electrovert Omniflow 10

Electronics Forum | Tue May 07 09:26:38 EDT 2013 | emeto

Hello knowledgeable people, we have Omniflow 10Zone oven from 3-4 years and we changed over 20 blowers. The blower is German and I think is a very good quality(quite expensive too), but still keep getting bad. Does anyone have similar problem? Do yo


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 23 10:00:13 EDT 2013 | aj

All, I am glad to report that this issue has been resolved at last. Issue with 40VAC contact in the Y4 crate, as the problem was intermittent it was a difficult one to trace/prove. My thanks to DEKHEAD for assistance and Maxem Engineering..... PS

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