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Throughput Calculation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 18:57:37 EDT 2003 | Rivkin

Hi Guys, How do you calculate throughput? and what's the standard allowance for some hidden downtimes like pick-up miss, pick-up errors, parts/feeder replenishment etc. say i have 4 machines that are not properly balanced in tact time: A= 3 mins

Calculating Reflow Slope

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 17:37:21 EDT 2004 | mikecollier

We currently use a KIC 2000 system to profile on our oven and create our recipes. I had a customer in today reviewing our profiles, and he had concerns that we were exceeding 4 deg. c/sec. on our profiles. The process window parameters that we use

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 22:56:44 EDT 2005 | davef

rush316 First, no one stated that PBB and/or PCBE are in FR4. FR4 contain tetra-bromo-bisphenol A [TBBA]. Second, there are classes [and grades] of dielectric materials used in fabricating printed circuit boards. Grades, NEMA LI-1. From these gr

MPM Ultraflex 3000 password

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 18 12:52:41 EDT 2005 | paulhaines2000

Try this - it's for a UP3000 but might work for you... Operator � no password Supervisor � mpm2 Maintenance � mpm3 Manufacturing � mpm4 Field Service � mpm4 1. To change or view codes, �esc� from program and go into DOS. 2. Type �cd\ULTRA\CONFIG�

how to achieve 500ppm?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 10:38:53 EDT 2005 | Stefan

500 rejected (?) per million placed components is a very good rate, considered that it would be better than 4 Sigma if you name it defects on the board. Or do I incorrectly convert ppm to dpm? * 3 Sigma 66,800 defects per one million opportuniti

Cu dissolution PTH

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 02:16:18 EDT 2006 | AR

We had x-ray and optical microscopy analyses done on transformers dip soldered with Sn/Pb, SN100C3 and SN100C4 alloys using temperatures 400�C ... 450 �C, with dip times of 2..4 seconds. We found that SN100C4 is at least as good as Sn/Pb 62/38 and SN

Pick and Place Camera sees Red

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 09:41:51 EDT 2005 | PWH

If you do find your camera is bad, I think they are relatively easy to replace if you get a new one. I have done a 1.0 and 4.0 GSM camera replacements but not a PEC as of yet. If it's like the 1.0 and 2.6 and 4.0's, likely it is not tough but will

Fuji CP4&CP6 Placement issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 30 03:42:49 EST 2006 | daxman

Thanks for the reply fellas, I spent all day today working on these machines, and indeed, this is bizzare. The main line was in production, and the placement was excellent on the CP6. I transferred a reel (400 parts per board) to the CP4 and the p

RoHS compliant PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 02 09:16:57 EST 2006 | lyrtech

Hi, I have some questions about material used in PCB for RoHS compliancy. It seems to be fuzzy between may manufacturer. Here are my questions: 1) What is the recommended material for lead-free assembly? 2) What's the difference between FR4 High Tg

Siemens Siplace S15 Operating

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 06 13:00:37 EST 2006 | global

We have a Siplace S15 and I would like to know if it is possible to make it skip a part during the placement operation with out aborting the job? In section of the user's manual it describes how to set a track to empty and proceed on with the

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