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Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 14 08:43:14 EST 2009 | prkonrad

I did not change my mind, I just said that we sat down with the manufacturer and showed them the 3-4 different color PCBs for one product. They agreed that it is not acceptable... and supply us only from one of their sites. (the different manufacturi

4C will not home

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 08:08:37 EST 2009 | leemeyer

I am assuming that the card that was changed was the motor driver card. Did they change the card with a known good board or just swap the X and Y cards. If they swapped cards it appears that the card that is now in the X motor slot is bad. Open the a

Is This Corrosion?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 11:54:12 EST 2009 | smt_guy

Is this Corrosion? We found our boards with this issue 45 days after they were delivered to us from supplier. The board finish is HAL Leaded. But I noticed that the corrosion like issues are coming form the tiny via holes with SILVER EPOXY FILLING.

lead free joint finish

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 11:30:56 EST 2009 | rgduval

As others have said, you'll have some difficulties getting good reflow on pb-free out of a 3-zone oven. We did it with a 4-zone for awhile, but only had really good success on low thermal density boards. That said, you should definitely check your

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 23 05:37:23 EST 2009 | emmanueldavid

Necoleta, PWB Blistering/De-lamination may not be due for Titanium finished threads / holders which is typically being used to draw high Shelf Life of Pallets and even flow across Auto Wave Soldering rails. There is also nothing to suspect on Liquid

ProSmt+ Fuji controller

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 07:40:06 EDT 2009 | jdengler

Hi Pete, For the price the ProSmt+ is good. I do not have much experience with F4G but do with MCS. It very easy to use with a few exceptions. The PD editor on ProSMT+ is buggy. If you copy a PD edit it and save it under a new name it's lnked so

Solder Ball Criteria

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 07:32:10 EDT 2009 | davef

Solder ball acceptance: IPC-A-610, & 12.4.10. Solder balls: 5 ball system: * No more than 5 balls per square inch (100mm2) allowed * Solder balls can not be greater than 5 mil (0.005in) (100um) * Solder balls cannot be less than 5 mil (100um)

IP3 placement for BGA / MicroBGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 07:35:37 EDT 2009 | nagesh

We have the IC placer Fuji-IP3 machine.Can this machine be able to place MicroBGA / BGA with good vision system.My card has almost 8 BGA with 4 MicroBGA?Still now i had placed 1 or 2 BGA(Placement by body centering).In this machine the Y- table keeps

Round pads for 0402's. Is it feasible?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 19 12:22:54 EDT 2009 | mhjohnso

While investigating a routing study for a new bga device, I found the vendor used round 20 mil pads on 0402 decoupling caps.This allows fitting the caps between break out vias on their 1mm pitch BGA. Round pad gives about 8 mils diagonally from pin t

process in smt

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 28 12:04:24 EDT 2009 | davef

Bound books with concise information on SMT implementation are: * A compilation of "Step By Step" articles from SMT Magazine: http://www.booknews.co.uk/Books/Book4490.html * Setting Up In-House Surface Mount Technology [Books], Schoch, K.F., Jr., El

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