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Re: suggestion

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 09:15:12 EST 1998 | Clifford Peaslee @ SMTnet

I suggest that you display questions and responses in a slightly different order. Within any given string of Q's and A's, the topmost displayed item should be the oldest. The most recent item should be at the bottom. In this way, a viewer can easil

Questions regarding rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 07 17:56:45 EST 1998 | Tom Braswell

I have been put incharge of developing a process to rework a doublesided SMT PCB with DCA/COB (direct chip attach, chip on board ) components. The rework will consist of removing some 603-1206 chips on both sides of PCB, oh yeah its has a polyuretha

Re: Opinions on Yamaha YM84V II

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 30 16:19:44 EST 1998 | Brian McCarthy

We are considering a used Yamaha YM84V II to add to our existing compliment of stand-alone machines. The brochure states that it can place 0603 devices as standard. Is this true? Do you know of any quirks with these machines? Any comments would be

Passivation Issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 19 14:41:19 EST 1998 | Susan mcbirdie

Hello Everybody I am new to the electronics packaging arena, please be patient with me... I have a few questions regarding the various passivation used on the silicon dice. I would really appreciate if you guys could provide me with more informatio

Bare board suppliers

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 18 10:45:22 EST 1998 | David Reese

Our company has been building high rel military products for over 15 years. Over that time we have reduced our bare board suppliers to two companies that specilize in 55110 QPL product. I am now faced with a requirement for 6000 4 layer boards to

Re: SMT Bead Shearing

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 13 14:35:29 EST 1998 | Dave F

Anyone using SMT "Fair-Rite" beads? We have a P/N 2743019447 that we're using. We need to know the shear force strength of the part and the vendor's man who knows is in Deutschland and can't help until Monday. I can't wait that long. Also, do

Re: SMT Bead Shearing

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 14 14:12:39 EST 1998 | smd

Scott: Where is the problem? When you have a board in one hand and a sheared ferrite in the other, what does the ex-ferrite location look like: 1 Green mask colored, because the pad is "ripped off" the board 2 Gray lumpy looking, be

Re: Spray fluxer vs.Foam fluxer

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 11 00:42:15 EST 1998 | Jason

Mike, We retrofitted all of our waves with USI spray fluxers. We are running no-clean on 4 of our waves, and OA 2331-ZX, reduced specific gravity to .825, on the other 2 With OA you must buy a special spray head to accomadate higher pressure and l

Re: Reel Cabinets

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 12:43:13 EST 1998 | Dave f

What are you people using to store component reels and tubes in? I am looking for a cabinet with slots or something to store reels and tubes. We keep our components on the production floor near the machines. The cabinets we are using now are ver


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 28 18:02:06 EST 1998 | Jeff Kline

Does anyone have info on any of these systems (good or bad). We are looking at these 3 types for a new SMT pnp machine. We are low volume high mix. Thanks, Dave I may be able to supply you with some valuable info on all three manufacture

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