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What to buy

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 11 17:28:37 EDT 2007 | gregp

I hope I don't get negative reaction again but I can't let this one go. The Contact Systems machine (C5) has level 4 traceability. There is no standard that defines traceability but Aegis Software Corporation defines four distinct levels of traceab

Solder flow Ni/Au

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 16:16:08 EST 2007 | Mark

Hello, We are having issue with one of the customer board. This is 10 layer PCB FR4 with black solder mask. Coating Ni/Au. Soldering leadfree. We are using 7 zones air reflow oven (zones top&bottom). We have bed solder flowing for this boards. T

radial/thru_hole insertion

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 13 07:56:19 EDT 2007 | Cmiller

Since you got no reply, I will give it my best shot but we do not have a radial inserter because they are really expensive. I would start with Universal instruments. I think its http://www.uic.com. I think they still make them in New York. TDK and Pa

Fuji parts out Signal for poka-yoke component replenishment

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 18:25:07 EDT 2007 | darby

Don't think much of the people who run the line do you mate? "BUT is operator dependent, so if he feels lucky just change the reel without verification and machine will not stop if he didn't follow the procedure having a high probability of Wrong co

How long can you leave paste - update

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 03 13:10:15 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Personally I wouldn't count anything but minutes. You need to know how long it takes to perform each task in order to balance your line. What I'm gathering is that you've got one printer feeding 4 machines, all running different jobs or maybe a pai

Rigid Flex Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 19:10:20 EDT 2007 | rgduval

Pete, Top-side temp might be an issue. What's the easiest way to check it? I seem to recall some thermal decals that we used to use a couple of jobs ago. I spoke with the flex manufacturer, and they recommended 4 hours at 250 degrees pre-process

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 10:43:57 EDT 2007 | flipit

Hi, Anyone seeing difficulty is soldering MLFs or QFN with lead free solder? I have an MLF with 3 rows of pads on each of the 4 sides of the part and then the large center ground plane in the middle. The part is 20 mil pitch. Had good luck with l

Competing in the global economy

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 02:51:33 EDT 2007 | fastek

A few more facts: 1) China has between 100-160 cities with populations of over 1 million. America has 9 and all of Europe has 36. 2) China will produce 325,000 engineers this year....5 times as many as the United States. 40% of all American student

Building an AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 15:31:18 EDT 2007 | Upper Management

Seems like every week there is a new thread where someone is asking which AOI to purchase. I hope you realize that AOI equipment is not cheap. This company is in profit-assurance mode for the first 4 quarters of this year. As you know, when we ar

Dima's Pick and Place Machines and other low volume P&P

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 12:06:08 EDT 2007 | basem

$100K for this entire line. We are thinking of getting a Chinese made reflow oven that looks pretty good at $25K. Also, we need to deposit solder using a dispenser as stencil printing will be reserved only for higher volume boards. It will not be pra

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