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Bridges in the leads of a hall

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 25 17:32:54 EST 2010 | padawanlinuxero

Hello !!! Long time since I was here, I have a problem, I use a Electrovert EPK Plus solder wave to solder 8 leads the pcb is like a inche wide and 3/4 or less of height and the leads their size is .3570 inches long by .0195 wide and .0180inches th

PCB over shelf life

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 00:55:22 EST 2010 | kemasta

Hi Kim Dun take any risk in delamination bcoz u > will be the person to answer for being it. So, > we do bake all Pcbs, which have 3months of shelf > life, b4 startin any process although they are > still inside the factory packs. We keep it in

Need Help Operating CSM84VZ

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 08 07:28:19 EST 2011 | jeffr

David, If you have no floppy drive, then your machine is a pre 1990 or earlier machine. (Not CSM84VZ). These machines have a RAM memory with 14 programs max. Can you verify this for me with a picture of the inside of the front of the controler. (jr@h

80/20 Au/Sn Solder and Proper FLux Selection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 17:38:29 EST 2011 | bandjwet

All: I am reaching out to get some suggestions on the right flux to use as well as a recommended cleaning process for soldering a KOVAR RF shield using 80/20 Au/Sn solder to a ceramic hybrid. The recommended profile is 4-5 min at 280C and at least

Phillips CSM84VZ Questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 23:59:30 EST 2011 | jeffr

These machines have three heads... Head 1 (jaws 0.7mm x 4mm)0603 up to small tantalum. Head 2 (jaws 3.0mm x 20mm)small tant up to PLCC44 or SOP28. Head 3 No jaws, uses just Vision. Can do Large tantalum up to QFP208, however can only take a single no

Mirtec MV-2HTL programming: Teaching parts ...

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 25 14:12:55 EST 2011 | rodrigo

Hi All, I've been working with this machine for several weeks. I read the manual and I'm using the autoprogramming (ATT) with centroid data. I have a question regarding the teaching of the parts. Let's say I have 10 capacitors on the PCB that are th

SMT Parts kitting

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 16:29:43 EST 2011 | remullis

I can explain our kitting process which was heavily software managed. For our Chipshooters we grouped setups of the optimum algorithym for less carriage movement, and grouping part numbers as much as possible. This was done with some high dollar sof


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 16:36:37 EST 2011 | remullis

I have been working on collecting data all day today. We are a OEM so our RMA and QA system is tied together. I have taken this data and broken it down by part type and individual boards. We had 264 (defects/rma returns) of that, 88 were NO Faults. O

Fine Pitch Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 12 18:32:29 EST 2011 | jlawson

It is pretty hard to wave solder fine pitch parts bad enought with 0.5mm let alone 0.4mm It can be done but need N2 inert wave soldering & need layout design to accommodate this... Iy it is a QFP need to run part 45 deg into wave and if possible in

quad IVc continue

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 10:26:55 EDT 2011 | miroyu

Hello everyone . I received lot of help from people of this forum for which I want to say "thank you" guys. I had problem whit initialization of my Quad 4C which just sits for 2 years after purchase. I manage to locate problem with laser diode on pla

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