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through hole questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 16:51:48 EST 2014 | joe98375

gregp: Our PTH process has not changed in many years. Our products are fairly simple as far as electronics goes and everything gets potted anyways. ~90% of everything we build is single sided TH with ~ 100 solder joints per board. Each board is ~

BGA Rework affected by cold weather?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 10:59:02 EST 2014 | rrosera

HI, I work for a company in New England and recently had a unusually large number of boards fail after replacing a BGA on them. We use a AirVac DRS25 to remove and replace the BGA witch uses local forced hot air. We usually have at least a 90% s

DIMA smro 0406 is good machine or not for doing lead free reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 10 16:14:37 EST 2014 | jimpat

The 300 degrees is the temperature as measured at the sensor. The actual air temperature just above your PCB may actually be much less. If the oven is properly calibrated then the 300 should represent air temperature at the board but I have seen ma

High-speed solder paste dispensing. MY500, MY600, FX-D....?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 09 04:37:13 EST 2015 | jsolloway

Hi Jeff, We have both a MY500 (4 years) and a 600 (8 months) and were the first in the UK to have both. They work well for us, enough so that we no longer use a stencil printer. Like yourselves we are a high mix CEM we make about 500 different part

Mirtec MV-3L

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 16:41:36 EST 2015 | royjulius

I have been reading an old Mirtec thread and in it a couple of guys mentioned that they have issues with their side view camera(s). I too have an issue with my east camera turning green at times. I'm not sure which channels our machine techs went thr

PCB with stains bleach after flux aqueous wash

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 11 17:04:47 EST 2015 | davef

A-610E, 10.7.4 covers solder mask discoloration. Use that for your disposition In a previous thread, Boardhouse told us "Here are a couple of things that can affect color. * Material color is the major, * Matte green from Enthone would be different

SMT Reflow temp

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 11 17:32:46 EDT 2015 | jlawson

Small paste deposits have less flux thus less flux activity to enhance the wetting. So preheat needs to be as short as possible, ramp to spike if possible. Try not to ramp hold and spike - pending thermal delta on product can be made to ramp to spike

Questions you would ask if someone said they had a 3D printer for professional multi-layer PCBs?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 03:43:08 EST 2015 | 3dpcb

Firstly thank you for your time and consideration. Yes a professional device along the lines of the products seen on kickstarter. A system to be used by labs, R&D, product development centers etc. The difference from current offerings being resistivi

Questions you would ask if someone said they had a 3D printer for professional multi-layer PCBs?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 05:57:44 EST 2015 | sarason

To get real conductivity in your traces you will need to remelt your copper or silver tracks. This means 850oC. The other method is plating at low temps, or etching. Epoxies like all carbon based compounds vaporize at 400oC. Next problem epoxy fibre

Micro Solder Balls and Vias bridging Issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 03 09:29:48 EST 2015 | rgduval

A couple of things that have helped me with solder ball issues at wave in the past: 1. Flux. Insure good flux coverage on the bottom of the board. 2. Preheat. Insure that the board is sufficiently preheated for the wave operation. Since you're

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