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Re: PCB washing

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 05 21:58:08 EST 2000 | Stu Leech

I agree with all of the previous comments. 1) Here are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning with water. To effectively clean, any liquid must wet the surface. By itself, water has a surface tension of 70 dynes/square cm. This is relaively hig

Re: Frameless Stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 14:16:32 EST 2000 | mike d

Michael, Good afternoon. My experience with the frameless stencils has been less than optimal. I tried the universal stencil system about a year ago and these are my experiences. 1) The stencil manufacturer supplied me with a free frame to try ou

Re: PCB Design software

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 18 03:00:23 EST 2000 | cklau

Hi there; CAD s/w and h/w are very expensive investment these day's , exspecially for EDA(Electronic Design Automation).Since that many of the CAD data is not compatible to each other format then it is very important that they choose the right one.H

Re: Immersion White Tin Process for PCB Finish

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 14 07:55:07 EST 2000 | Pat Pepper

Hi Wolfgang, Thanks for the response. We had a similar situation to yours with some white tin samples that sat around for about eight months. Samples soldered right after they arrived soldered better than the ones we soldered eight months down the

Should I manufacture my own boards or outsource them?

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 19 23:27:22 EST 1999 | Mike

Should I manufacture my own boards or outsource them? Any opinions are welcome. I own a company and sell electronic products. Some products we sell have specific ad-on circuit boards which I have designed and had manufactured just for my company. The

Re: Help With Justification

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 02 11:14:49 EST 1999 | Dave F

Michela: Here's an outline for you to fill in the blanks: Policy Purpose Applicability Definitions Applicable Documents 1 Justification Of Spending 1.1 Request Preparation 1.2 Request Content 1.2.1 Summary Section 1.2.2 Capital Appropriation Reques

Re: Trapped Flux Under Component

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 16:50:20 EST 1999 | Dave F

Greg: It depends on the specifics of the flux you are using. You didn�t say. Generally, using a: � "No-clean flux" should create no flux entrapment problems for most applications. � RMA with 25% or more solids as a "no-clean" should create no flu

Re: Test the solder point

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 18 10:56:16 EST 1999 | Dave F

Jacky: There�re major four factors that affect the reliability of a solder connection. 1 Design of the connection including the shape and height of the lead and the type and amount of solder. 2 Dissolution of base metals into the solder connection.

Re: PCB panelization method

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 16 09:44:18 EST 1999 | - bobar

Ken, The technology you are referring to is also known as return-to-web. This panelization method involves a hard tooled perimeter die and a press equipped with an air cushion. The PCB circuit is punched out and then inserted or "pushed" back into

Re: Polarity of parts in packages

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 23:45:23 EDT 1999 | DGrenier

JC: Seen this before, many times. We fixed our problems at the co I work for by giving a packaging specification to our purchasing dept. Took some work but the payoff was pretty big. This document includes such things as orientation,pitch,tape type

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