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Quad 4C part placement rejection

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 16 17:30:29 EST 2011 | olddog

Hi again Bobpan, One thing I noticed when I pulled the z-rod to inspect it was that it was "bearly" finger tight. When I replaced it, I snugged it a bit better (not overtightening). After resuming setting up additioanl placements (this board requires

Quad 4C part placement rejection

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 14:33:02 EST 2011 | olddog

Thanks again Bobpan for all of your help. I hope some of my questions are dumb ones. Regarding "first", the QA error 0, you were right. In checking the setup, for some reason theta was 65227 instead of the 0 that I thought I had set. Regarding "sec

How many Fiducials on PCB for best placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 25 15:52:40 EST 2011 | davef

"IPC-2221 - Generic Standard On Printed Board Design" talks to fiducials. Anther take on fiducials says they shall meet the following requirements. * Make fiducials 1 - 1.5 mm diameter circle. * Cover fiducials with tin. * Keep solder mask opening at

Stencil-PCB Alignment Mehods - Printing process

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 09 15:10:55 EST 2011 | davef

Can you use the equipment manual as the basis for learning how to use the machine? Each model of printer has different alignment techniques. We don't have a clue of your model type. So, we'll approach the question from its most basic point. Registe

Special process validation - 7.5.2 - Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 22 10:52:32 EST 2011 | davef

[ Removed by demand of Praxiom Research.. See their "request" below] Subject: DMCA copyright infringement takedown notification Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 12:52:40 -0600 From: Praxiom Research Group Limited To: , , , Attention: Copyright Agent, S

X-Out Board

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 02:21:40 EST 2012 | eadthem

Most PNP machines and AOI machines shuld have a X out feature. For us we use to use whiteout pens to mark the badsense spot. Now atm we use white lables, becuase there is no dry time. The lables have there own issues, They cause overpasteing issues

SMT Stencil Printer Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 02:39:27 EST 2012 | eadthem

I don't have our DEK printer part numbers memorized, In general we have a older machine running NT4.0 . It has 2Di inspection but we never use it because you can only inspect/setup 1 camera shot at once, making for very long programming. Our newer D

Air Bag / Air Casters

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 21 13:39:11 EDT 2012 | davef

We've used pallet jacks, 3" steel pipe in gangs of 10 or so pipes, Airsled [airsled.com], etc. We've rented Airsleds. Check the web [https://www.google.com/search?q=air+sled&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#hl=en

QFN aligment issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 09 18:11:20 EDT 2012 | rsikora

Your selection of pads to use as Fids will be critical. In your pictures of the QFN component, the pcb pads are primarily non-solder mask defined, but on 3 sides of the QFN the corner pads become solder mask defined due to the copper ground flood.

MSL Component - Popcorn Temp.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 04 09:58:50 EDT 2012 | daxman

Assuming that you have a saturated moisture-sensitive component: At what temperature would popcorning or internal component damage occur? I would guess that it would be at a temperature where water would boil, around 100 degrees? However, the JEDEC J

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