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New Facility Advise/Questions

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 27 11:21:14 EST 2019 | kylehunter

> If you're going to vent through a single > exhaust/fan combo, I would recommend spending the > money, and getting an HVAC company in there to > size the exhaust fan, and duct work. It'll pay > dividends for you in the future. W

Reflow with lead-free 96.5 /3/0.5 No-Clean T4 brown-orange burn color on parts

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 26 17:13:43 EST 2019 | rgduval

Doesn't really look like no-clean to me...typically, no-clean encapsulates the solder joint after reflow, trapping any organics. This looks like plain-old water soluble flux, that cooked a bit too much in reflow. As you noted, it cleaned up with

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 23:37:47 EST 2019 | agoesfirmanto

Hello All, I am a SMT Engineer from Indonesia, I am facing the problem of soldering balls in only one IC location, in other areas there are none. solder ball defect almost 30%. I have done several actions but failed to reduce the solder ball. 1.

Samtec Searay 500 pin connector solder wicking issue after reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 14 19:41:32 EST 2020 | avillaro2020

Hi Evtimov, Thanks for your response. Yes, the vapour phase is suppose to handle big and heavy boards, at least thats the intention. Well our thin board is like around 3mm which is not really thin. In our application the thicker the boards means more

MPM Accuflex error camera vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 10 08:18:18 EST 2020 | astarotf

Hi We have an Accuflex MPM with camera vision problems which shows no image, only the screen looks gray. With the diagram we show that our MPM camera is receiving the appropriate 12V voltage on pin # 6 of the camera and supplies the video output on p

Siemens Siplace 80S15 causing Line Controller to hang up, and 80S15 keeps waiting for machine data from Line controller

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 14:16:37 EDT 2020 | oxygensmd

I used to work with S15/F3, was a 10 years ago. 1. Test your machine controllers and station controllers. Load the last program with actuell command. 2. You can check what happening in the SiPlace, switch the monitor to MC, let see all bootup perfec

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 20:48:14 EST 2001 | davef

We find that the raw BGA's pad sheared surface has the SnPb solder at various Z heights whereas the assembled BGAs pad leave a smooth layer of SnPb along the pad. Like to understand the cause for the difference. Who could guess? Solder joint streng

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 21:52:24 EST 2001 | arul2000

>>>>Dave, The BGA substrate surface finish is NiAu, while the PCBA pad surface is HASL. The solder ball composition is SnPb 63/37 and the solder paste used on the PCBA is also the same but with 2% Silver.>>> Dave, sorry I don't have the picture with

Re: Top Side BGA Reflowing @ Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 11:13:32 EDT 1999 | Wirat S.

We've recently encountered this problem where one of our .050" pitch BGA's were reflowing at the wave thus causing shorts... The board was profiled with probes stuck to a QFP solder joint, an 0603, and one of the BGA joints. There was an almo

Re: Soldering to Gold

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 15:01:05 EDT 1999 | Dave F

We have some SMT components with gold plated leads. They're actually LCC led packages. A good solder alloy to use would be Indium / Lead to reduce tin dissolution into the gold and avoid the resultant brittle intermetallic compound. However, a re

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