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Bow and twist of PCB's

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 11:44:55 EDT 2001 | CAL

650 Standards are also located in the back of IPC JSTD-001. I am currently looking at 4 pages on bow and twist. Percent bow = R1-R2/L x 100 (R1= Highest point; R2=lowest or resting point; l= length) Percent twist=(R1-R2)/(2xL)x 100 Sorry if this is

SOT-23 Package Markings

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 26 17:59:52 EST 2000 | Dan Dickey

I am in need in identifing these 2 components. I am new in the SMD world so bear with me. These are in a SOT-23 package. Need to idendify. 1\ C5D 2\ R2T 3\ R2X Thanks, Regards, Dan

Reel To Reel SMT

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 03 12:58:14 EDT 2016 | rrpowers

Yes, we have been doing full SMT in reel-to-reel (R2R) or roll-to-roll for over 20 years now. This includes stencil printing, pick-and-place, reflow, AOI, electrical testing. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

marking code for SMT

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 05:53:10 EST 2000 | tabbakh

Iwould like to know the reference for 2 surface mounted device 1)marking D05 SOT143 2)marking R2 D SOT23 Thank you very much

marking code for SMD

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 05:40:52 EST 2000 | tabbakh

I would like to know the reference of 2 surface mounted device 1)marking D05 SOT143 2)marking R2 D SOT23 Thank you very much

Reference Designator Expansion - Excel

Electronics Forum | Tue May 11 16:25:06 EDT 2021 | dontfeedphils

Anybody have a tool for expanding ranges in Excel? (Example, for converting reference designators listed in a single cell as R1-R100 to R1 R2 R3 R4... etc). I used to use a tool named refinate, but it's no longer supported by the developers and it

obtain XY data from solder pad gerber drawing????

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 07 16:11:07 EDT 2011 | davef

You're in the wrong file. You're looking at solder pad data. You need to look at centroid data. Look here: http://i.screamingcircuits.com/docs/understanding-the-centroid-file-r2-2.pdf We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company r

Standard of PCB Bow and Twist in Incoming Inspecion

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 27 12:27:10 EST 2003 | stevel

Hi all, We got some bare pwb in our incoming inspecion looked really wrapped. The maximum twist of the pwb we messured is 0.056inch by following the method in IPC-TM-650 2.4.22 C. (The diagonal size of our pwb is 7.5inch) According to the IPC standa

ESD....Limiting Resistor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 08 14:13:51 EDT 2009 | stepheniii

Actually that reminds me I remember one place I visited that wore two heel straps for saftey purposes. The reasoning was that if you touched a live wire with one hand and only had the heel strap on the other foot the current would go through your he

Re: Thruput not up to snuff. - Ya But

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 17 08:31:05 EST 1998 | Dave F

| It looks like a great memory machine, but the thruput is cut in half when running typical SMT boards. | Ya but all gantry machines run at half their highest rated speed in "real life applications." That aside, on paper, this looks like a good mac

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