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High Tg laminates

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 16 18:02:29 EST 1999 | John Holland

What are the main advantages of moving from a 140 degree C FR4 laminate to a higher Tg laminate 180 degree C ?. Would the higher Tg laminate be less susceptable to bow and twist ?. John Holland

Very thin laminate substrate problem with solder printing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 30 15:32:14 EST 2017 | davef

so, why are your laminates warped? What needs to be done to correct that issue?

Transparent Laminate

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 12:06:40 EST 2004 | davef

We are aware of no transparent laminates. Most are roughly translucent, with a milky white color. Some laminated are quite thin and could serve your purpose. As an alternative, could you etch foil [that's readily available] and the attach the etch

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 09:15:08 EDT 2012 | davef

bwjm: Delamination can be attributed to several factors: * Entrapped moisture, processing solutions, and what not that expands when heated to normal soldering temperature * Excessive soldering temperature * Excessive laminating temperature * Def

Very thin laminate substrate problem with solder printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 21:15:52 EST 2017 | davef

Dispensing: You can dispense for 0201 and above Warped laminates: Ask your laminate fabricator what's ausing the warping and how to make it go away

Laminate materials

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 13:04:04 EDT 2000 | Eugene Smelik

Dr. Lee, Given the higher reflow temperatures for Pb-Free assembly, will common FR4 laminate materials be adequate, or do you believe that higher glass content boards will be required for mainstream Pb-free assembly? As a corollary question - if man

T sub G

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 25 16:28:11 EDT 1998 | Al Knudson

Hello, Our PWB supplier has requested that a change in the laminate material to reduce the incidence of pad lifting. The standard laminate materials (Polyclad PCL-FR-226 with a glass transition temperature of 135 C) have greater z-axis thermal expan

RoHS Board Delamination

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 07:58:06 EST 2006 | markb

SWAG - I also forgot to mention a few things. Our delmaination was always between the large copper plane and the laminate. It is a multi-layered board, so even when the delamination appeared around components (through visual inspection), cross-sect

PCB laminate dielectric absorption

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 13:42:57 EST 2000 | Mike Ihm

The dielectic absorption characteristic of printed circuit board materials is usually not listed on the manufacturers spec. sheets. Can anyone point me in a direction to help determine which laminate materials might exhibit better dielectric absorpt

Re: Non-halogenated PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 19 20:30:38 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Lennart: I think most laminators offer a halide free laminate. Two are Isola and Mica-Micanite. Contact the IPC Halogen-Free Materials Task Group

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