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Solder cover

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 01:48:57 EST 2010 | 89jeong

Hello Sir. Our customer asked me why the solder did not cover the surface of the potocopuler lead. There are 2 ea of photocopuler on pcb and the leads are totally 8ea. But only one is showing this problem. When i reviewed the reflow profile, there

HAA cover tape

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 15:44:00 EDT 2000 | Gilbert Ramirez

One of our distributors currently uses PSA cover tape. This has given us too many problems. We are in the process of trying to decide wether or not to fund them with the money they need to be able to use HAA process(they currently have capability). C

component stick at cover tape

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 18 23:03:07 EDT 2012 | eadthem

We have had this problem in the past, On paper tape resistors(old stock from before i took over and forced rotation on everything) and on embossed (national semi parts, strings of glue pulled back like seat belts across the pocket.) For the national

chip sticking on cover tape

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 05:21:04 EDT 2010 | bubbobbed

Guys, I've received complaints from customer that the chip is sticking on the cover tape or carrier tape when detape. Is there any possible that i can solve the problem by changing the cover tape or carrier tape?? some say the root cause of this issu

capacitor charging

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 04 10:16:16 EDT 2004 | cyclopsn

I'm involved in backplane manufacturing process. There are about 10 electrolitic capacitor assembled in my board.These capacitor are soldered using a selective soldering machine. My problem is that these capacitor will charged up and failed as short

electric capacitor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 05:00:40 EDT 2005 | greg

Hallo Yes we are using deep pocket feeder for capasitors. We cut the nozzle because there was problem with hitting the component on the nozzle with just placed. Greg

Electrolytic capacitor

Electronics Forum | Sat May 03 14:06:25 EDT 2014 | jyo_409

What are the possible reasons for electrolyte leakage What is the purpose of the vent in the capacitor? Why vent is not being maintained for all types / values of the capacitors? What is the significance of the end seal configuration. Why end seal co

capacitor charging

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 11 20:03:46 EDT 2004 | Tom B.

You should add a Capacitor Discharge statement in ICT test Software. This could be done by selecting the nodes and have statements to connect relays to ground. Could be possible that the Selective Soldering system is the cause, as problems is now s

electric capacitor

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 13:41:56 EDT 2005 | greg

Hi all, I have a question to the users of the Topaz Xi machine. We currently are placing the electric capacitor (10.5 high) on the Topaz Xi (erlier we cut the nozzles 74). So the machine picks the component and placed. But there is small problem. Du

Could this capacitor be my problem?

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 08 02:11:39 EST 2007 | airforcess927

I have a JVC home stereo and it just started shutting off roughly a couple of seconds after turning it on. I took off the cover and found a capacitor that the plastic coating on the outside peeled off. Could this capacitor be my problem, the reason w

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