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Carbon Contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 12:43:35 EST 2023 | milas

Hi We are mounting an microphone device (SMT package) onto a PCB which has an ENIG finish and, observed some contamination on the underside of the device, post reflow. The SEM analysis shows that the contamination has a high level of Carbon. Where c

Carbon Contamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 12:07:10 EST 2023 | tommy_magyar

We are mounting an microphone device (SMT package) onto a PCB - how? Surface mount line or hand soldering? Contamination can only come from the solder paste, solder wire, flux, or burning the component/PCB assembly during hand soldering. Unless the

Low Silver Solder Problems

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 23 07:03:09 EDT 2009 | ghepo

OK Eric, is difficult answer at distance without examine the PCB..., anyway in my opinion the problem is the PCB quality. There are two possibility : the crack is between solder and nickel or is between nickel and pad copper. In both situation the


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 23 17:40:19 EDT 2009 | gregoryyork

So if you have Carbon showing on this would this not mean it is something Organic contaminating the pad.I have seen this before with solder resist depositing over the pad.

Reflow Oven Chain Lubrication

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 13 22:19:28 EDT 2002 | mikestringer

Hi Everyone What lubricants do your maintenance people use for the chains in your Reflow ovens? The manuals for our ovens have one recommendation - but I am always open to other people�s experiences and recommendations. Another option may be easie

problem in solderability

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 10 17:12:55 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

I dont know about analysis on boards it is OK as long as the people carrying it out know how to interogate the answers.I worked on a problem just last week where an analysis house in China tested the resist then the pads and found on both surfaces C

Low Silver Solder Problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 13:12:28 EDT 2009 | ghepo

OK Eric, maybe you're right. My suggestion is to proceed by exclusion. First perform the tape test. Is easy and without costs. You have used many similar PCB without problem, but from the same vendor ? Is my experience that in similar cases the qua

Carbon Ink vs Immersion Gold for key pads.

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 15:00:44 EDT 2006 | patrickbruneel

It all depends on process, design and environment in which the contacts are used. Both have excellent conductivity characteristics Both don't oxidize over time On the other hand gold is much softer then carbon, and after hitting that contact a gazil

Aqueous cleaner water disposal

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 27 13:52:24 EDT 2002 | Mike Konrad

MK, In most cases, if the machine is completely closed-looped (prewash, wash, prerinse, rinse, final rinse etc), then the water should not require changing. As with most inline cleaners, there should be a considerable amount of water loss in the cl

Unusual solderability issue

Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 13:06:36 EDT 2010 | dwonch

Unfortunately nothing ground breaking to report. The board shops analysis (SEM/EDS)showed high levels of carbon and oxygen, likely indicating an organic based contaminate. They are still stumped on where it is coming from. We recieved some boards y

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