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delamination test

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 13:03:14 EDT 2005 | davef

What's the point of such a test? * If you are operating a board in an environment that keeps the board at a temperature that is close to causing delamination, why not design a board that can tolerate such an operating environment, rather than contin

delamination test

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 15:57:28 EDT 2005 | pr

Is there a test to check for delamination on a pcb? We are looking at new board houses and along with our standard solderability tests my boss wants to test for delamination. thanks, pr

delamination test

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 02 13:13:14 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

50% chance his boss has heard of (or maybe even one time seen) delamination and wants to be sure they don't have that problem. His boss probably felt a need to specify a test and that was one he had heard of. Personally I would recomend find a way f

TiAl3 delamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 19:53:23 EDT 1998 | J. Devrajan

Anybody know a good source to refer to for possible problems with Ti-Al reaction and what could lead to delamination at the base of a via?

PCB delamination

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 04:31:56 EDT 2016 | leeg

We have recently had a jig get caught in the chain of the flowsolder machine, causing the board to delaminate, is there any hard and fast rules as to if the area needs evacuating due to fumes, and if the air quality has to be checked before allowing

PCB delamination

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 15:05:21 EDT 2016 | davef

OSHA for your state will define workplace airquality requirements

PCB delamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 12:19:25 EST 2000 | Tom Gervascio

I ma trying to get some information on possible causes and screening tests for PCB delamination. Is the main cause moisture absorption of PCB material or entrapped chemicals and or air in innerlayers that expand when expsoed to subsequent reflow and

delamination test

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 02 15:21:34 EDT 2005 | pr

Do you have a cube down the hall from me? I think it's already been forgotten, but when blindsided by these requests one has to do SOMETHING! I blasted one in reflow and did a 7 second solder bath dip with another and took pictures, nobody has asked

delamination test

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 16:57:29 EDT 2005 | HOSS

50% of seeing it in a single pass. The only time we do this is if we have a board off the line that has delaminated. We'll run a sample of boards through bare to confirm that we have a bad batch. Even if we see no failures on the bare boards, we'l

delamination test

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 01 18:53:08 EDT 2005 | Board House

Pr. I agree with some of the above responses. if you are seeing Delam issues with incoming PCB's the following should be check. 1) Check the OEM Print to what Material they are calling out to be manufactured with. 2) If they are calling out for S

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